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After a long rest at Olivine City, we're back in training! We trained against Tentacools most of the time. We also got to fight a few Tentacruels once in a while. We've still got a long way into training before we'll be strong enough to face the city's gym.

Lyra also evolved, I'm very proud of her! She'll help me a lot during the gym battle!

After thinking about it, Mickey is more than enough to face the gym leader. He used a single surf for each of her Pokemons. It was a piece of cake. I also had a call from a friend saying that the Safari Zone is open! I'm now particularly interested in the Safari itself but the road leading there is a quite interesting one, I'll go check it out!

I've defeated most of the trainers on the way to the Safari Zone. I now have to get back on tracks and continue on Route 42. I went there and a hiker gave me Strength HM. I've heard of that a rare Pokemon lived in the Slowpoke well so I'm going to use Strength to go through the big boulders and deeper into the well, maybe I could find it.

I didn't hear right, the rare Pokemon was actually in the Union Cave. And I've caught her! Her name is Serena. She doesn't really like to fight, but she will fight for me. I named her Serena after my girlfriend. <3 Because it's a really beautiful Pokemon and my girlfriend doesn't like violence either.

We now need to train Serena hard, she'll be a great addition to the team! Also, I've found a King's Rock. I equipped Queen with it. Who know's what could happen, maybe she'll evolve soon!

We trained for quite a while in Mt. Mortar, it's a pretty good place to train Serena because it has many Geodudes, which are weak to Lapras. I'd like to give Mickey a break for the next gym, he has done a lot of important battles until now. It's time for others to show what they got. I'm going to pass the night in Mahogany Town and tomorrow, I'm heading to the Lake of Rage. I heard strange things have happened over there!


We woke up the next morning with a lot of energy! We're back on track on the route to the Lake of Rage!

Right after I stepped in the lake, a Gyarados came to attack me. It was on a big rampage! I had to stop him somehow, but I couldn't. I decided to catch him. Blue is now the heaviest member of our a team and will be a very strong one soon!

While training, something incredible happened! Queen evolved into a Slowking! It was incredible! I'm proud of her.


Name: Mickey
Character: Modest
Level: 39

Name: Queen
Character: Modest
Level: 32

Name: Lyra
Character: Careful
Level: 33

Name: Serena
Character: Adamant
Level: 27

Name: Blue
Character: Calm
Level: 15

    Spoiler:- Dead: