I decided to start a Water Monotype challenge on SoulSilver version since I was bored after finishing my last one. I started out as the male character and I headed downstairs and I spoke with my mother. After seeing Lyra and Marill outside, I headed over to Professor Elm's Pokemon lab. I spoke with him and I was allowed to choose a Starter Pokemon to help Elm with the Pokedex. I chose Totodile and I headed out after that. Elm came to give me his Pokegear number before I set off to Route 29. I battled some Pidgey and Sentret as I walked around the route and I headed west towards Cherrygrove City. I arrived and I got a tour of the town from an old man and I obtained the Running Shoes from him as well. I headed over to the local Pokemon Center and I healed my Pokemon in there. I wandered over to the Poke Mart to buy some Potions, and I saved the game before leaving town.

- Level 7