So I finally started my second monotype challenge. I started with Tsutarja and boxed it after I caught a Choroneko at Route 2 and I used it to beat the first Gym Leader, Pod.
It was hard because Choroneko is a very weak Pokémon.

After I got the C-Gear, I traded some eggs, hatched and trained them a bit, here is my team thus far:

Moufflair Lvl. 14
Donkeurou Lvl. 11
Noctus Lvl. 10


Samehader Lvl. 1
Waruvial Lvl. 1
Manyula Lvl. 1

I don't plan to use them yet, mainly because the game would turn out to be too easy with six Pokémon in my team.
And I released the Choroneko, too weak for my taste.