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Thread: 7th Gen Nuzlocke Thread Challenge Thread!

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    Default 7th Gen Nuzlocke Thread Challenge Thread!

    7th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!
    Games in this gen: SM

    What is a Nuzlocke Challenge?

    A Nuzlocke challenge involves treating any Pokemon that you have in your party that faint 'dying', and hence said Pokemon cannot be used anymore in the challenge and must be replaced. In addition, you can only catch and use the first Pokemon you encounter in any city, town, cave or route. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances with Pokemon on that route. You complete the challenge when you beat the Champion/see the credits.

    There are many other variations of such a challenge - such as having to nickname all your Pokemon (so you have a closer connection to your lost comrades) which will be used here, allowing for the first Pokemon you encounter to not include duplicates (so if you encountered a Pikipek in one route as your first Pokemon and got it and then encountered another in the next route, you can wait until a different Pokemon appears and treat that as your 'first Pokemon'), no legendaries, restriction on healing items that can be used (beyond Revives obviously) and so forth.


    • Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting.
    • You can only use the first Pokemon you encounter in each route/town/city/cave.
    • All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
    • If a Pokemon in your party faints you must box/release it and not use it anymore in your challenge.
    • If you wish to use any other restrictions, please specify them in the first post you make in this thread for your challenge.

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    Started a blind nuzlocke of Sun Friday, and do to work and other things haven't gotten that far. So far I've lost a Pichu, Pikipek, and Wingull. I just beat Hala and got the ride pager. My team is currently:
    Kane (Torracat) 17
    Yokozuna (Makuhita) 16
    Trixie (Pom-Pom Oricorio) 13
    Victor (Cutiefly) 14
    Matilda (Zubat) 14

    Planning to see where Tauros opens up besides Ten Carat Hill, and seeing if I get any other new capture chances. And before people ask how I have had 7 captures so far I'm counting each time a new name pops up, the Hau'oli Outskirts are different than Route 1. Loses happened due to Ilama's Smeargle, a wild Gumshoos, and Oricorio calling in help twice while I tried to catch it.

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