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Thread: 1st/2nd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

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    -I decided to start with Cyndaquil, a male named Zane.
    -Encountered and caught a LV2 Rattata on route 46. Male, named Joey. (Daycare Center)
    -Encountered and caught a LV4 Zubat on route 31. Male, named Bruce
    -Encountered and caught a LV3 Gastly in Sprout Tower. Female, named Mary (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV4 Pidgey on route 36. Male, named Pete (Daycare Center)
    -Encountered and caught a LV7 Bellsprout on route 32. Female, named Martha (boxed
    -Encountered and caught a LV6 Geodude in Union Cave. Male, named Dwayne (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV7 Spearow on Route 33. Male, named Leonidas (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV6 Slowpoke in Slowpoke Well. Female, named Kim
    -Encountered and caught a LV5 Caterpie in Ilex Forest. Female, named Bree
    -Hatched an Odd Egg from the Daycare Couple on Route 34: Shiny Igglybuff, female, named Shiny
    -Encountered and caught a LV12 Drowzee on Route 35. Female, named Jean. (boxed)




    Time: ~5:00
    Location: Goldenrod City
    Team: LV25 Quilava; LV21 Zubat; LV6 Slowpoke; LV5 Caterpie; LV5 Igglybuff
    Badges: 2

    I'm *STILL* still worried about Whitney, but Bruce is only 1 level away from evolving (perhaps doublevolving into Crobat if he likes me enough), and Zane is a sturdy level 25. I skipped right through Goldenrod (without acquiring anything in town from the GameCorner or through a trade or from the guy who wants to give me a Spearow so I can come back and get Eevee later) so that I could hit route 34 and fight all the trainers to get Bruce and Zane physically ready. I'm going to grind until Bruce evolves, and then I'll take it to Whitney. idea of going in, Confuse Ray, switch to Zane, Mudslap Miltank's accuracy down might not be ideal if I am not healing in battle; Miltank might do too much damage by the time it's properly set-up (especially if Confuse Ray doesn't make it hurt itself a few times). Maybe I'll just go in and try to outmuscle her and see how that goes.

    After is Wednesday, so I'll head into the National Park tomorrow and shoot for a Scyther or Pinsir or something else hopefully good. As worried as I am about Whitney, I feel like I should destroy Morty, so I have no concern there. As long as Bruce is Crobat by then, I should have that locked.

    Also, I'm happy to have caught a Caterpie since I love Butterfree, but I forget there is no CompoundEyes in Gen 2, so I probably won't use it. Poor Bree.

    Oh! Can't believe I forgot this: My Odd Egg from the Day Care couple was a shiny (yay!) Igglybuff (boo!). Half good, half bad. I'll take it.
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