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Thread: 1st/2nd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

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    Default Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal Nuzlocke Run

    Well hey there guys, I totally just spent my first post on this forum advertising my Pokemon Engrish Emerald Nuzlocke run in the 3rd Gen Nuzlocke I figured I'll spend my second post advertising a completely different Nuzlocke run with a completely different guy playing it with me! I'm sure most if not all of you guys have already heard and tired of Vietnamese Crystal, but we figured "hey, we like doing terribly translated games, and it's a Nuzlocke run, so maybe it'll be interesting!". I'm sure all of you guys think the contrary, but hey, maybe you guys will enjoy it! This thread looks like it can particularly use some love as well, so hey!

    Here are my partner's (doubletroubeify, teh other guy) thoughts on the run:

    Everyone needs MORE Axman amirite or amirite!?
    So long story short for anyone who knows any of us, everyone including us thought Zyrtec was donesville, so Axman and I were gonna do a Nuzlocke of Emerald, but then Zyrtec came back in a steam of fire-y glory and I was like hey das cool you guys got that!
    But now we're showing you Crystal in a way you've ALREADY SEEN BEFORE! With ENGRISH.
    But we're showing you Vietname Crystal in a way you NEVER WANTED TO SEE BEFORE!

    So come hang out with us during this obscenely unnecessary and ridiculous Nuzlocke run, where we try to follow all the rules but then the game breaks and we're confused! Let us know what you think and be sure to include the fact that you'd rather see Zyrtec than Axman! Ho ho ho!

    Check out episode one right here:
    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6

    Episode 7

    Episode 8

    Episode 9

    Episode 10

    Episode 11

    Episode 12

    Episode 13

    Episode 14

    Episode 15

    Episode 16

    Episode 17

    Episode 18

    Episode 19

    Episode 20

    Episode 21

    Episode 22

    Episode 23

    Episode 24

    Episode 25

    Episode 26

    Episode 27

    And just in case you like me at all here's a link to my channel. I don't do nuzlockes and I suck at pokemon but whatever I'm cool!"

    Hope you guys enjoy! Let us know what you guys think!
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