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Just started my first Nuzlocke on Ruby.

Mudkip is my starter. His name is Swampy. I picked Mudkip because I never played through 3rd Gen with Mudkip before (I beat Emerald with Treecko and Torchic lines before.)

Route 101: Wurmple. No Pokeballs

Route 103: Zigzagoon. No Pokeballs

Route 102: I caught Wurmple and I named him Mothman. Hoping it evolves into Cascoon and Dustox, if it doesn't die first. ~.~
Swampy nearly dies against Lass Tiana. The two zigzagoons brought him down to 1 health.
In a battle with a wild Seedot, Mothman evolved from Wurmple to Silcoon.

Route 104: Caught Zigzagoon and named him Lynam. I was really hoping for Taillow or Wingull. Hopefully I'll get a flying type soon.
Lynam dies in my first battle with him, against a trainer's Seedot. (Frickin' Bide, man) R.I.P

Petalburg Woods: Caught Taillow and named her Tella.

Route 104: In a double battle, Mothman evolved from Silcoon to Beautifly

Rustboro Gym: NOOOOO! Geodude killed Mothman, I forgot he was 4x weak against Rock. Very sad. R.I.P
Defeated Geodude with Swampy, and defeated Nosepass with Tella. Received the Stone Badge.

Route 116: Caught Nincada and named her Ari.

Rusturf Tunnel: Caught Whismur and named him Whisdom.

Granite Cave: Encountered Makuhita, but accidentally fainted it.

    Spoiler:- Current Team:

    Spoiler:- R.I.P:

Will update in the future. Currently training for Dewford Gym.
Been awhile since I've played, but here's an update.

Dewford Gym: Decimated the entire gym with Tella. Received the Knuckle Badge.

    Spoiler:- Current Team:

    Spoiler:- R.I.P:

Might update later.