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    Hello everyone, it is me, ShinyMisty. I have once been here before, uploading my FireRed Run...or was it Leafgreen...I can't remember.
    But, anywho, I had also started posting my Crystal run here, as well (well, here on Serebii), however, I lost the safe file, so I could play no farther, and had a failed run of Platinum (or gave up)
    I have a Randomized SoulSilver run on the Nuzlocke Forums, almost done.
    I also had some 3rd Gen runs...but they all failed...^^;

    But...this is not why I am here. You guys do not want to hear me babel on about my old runs, do you? No, we are here to talk about the runs we have going on today.
    And, I am here to bring my Nuzlocke run...of Pokemon XD, Gale of Darkness.

    Yep. I took the liberty to try out Gale of Darkness, and I am not the first, nor the last person to tackle it. But, I will have myself some weird rules. So, here we go:
    1) If a Pokemon dies, it is considered dead and can no longer be used
    2) Because Pokemon XD has so little Pokemon and areas, the rule of one Pokemon per area has been eliminated! HOWEVER! The new rule is this:
    I must roll a die to see who I can and cannot use. If I get a 2, 4, or 6 (Heads), then I am able to use the Pokemon or put the Pokemon in the "On Hold" box. If I get a 1, 3, or 5 (Tails), then I must put the Pokemon in the "Locked" Box. If I run out of all Pokemon in the "On Hold" Box, I may go to the "Locked" Box, and role my die again to see if I can use any Pokemon. If I get tails again, to bad. I still cannot use that Pokemon
    Exp: Say I run into a Pikachu (I know you cannot catch a Pikachu, but still). I catch said Pikachu, and roll my die. Say I get...a 3. I am not aloud to use the Pikachu, and must put him into the "Locked" box. But, say I lose ALL of my Pokemon to a hard boss. I may roll my die to try to get that Pikachu. I get a 2 this time, so I can now use him.
    This prevents me from using the same, heavy hitting Pokemon.
    3) Must nick name all Pokemon...duh.
    4) Must try to catch each Shadow Pokemon I run into. If I lose out...ah well, Mirror B can help later on.

    I call it the Dicelocke! I feel as though I am not the first person who made this up, but I think I might have made up the name x3

    So...without anymore interruptions...

    Day 1 of Pokemon XD Dicelocke:
    (I will give out natures and such tomorrow. I can't get them at the moment do to my game being in the living room...and I need to be asleep.)
    I start the game like every other, gaining my Male Eevee (Who is floating. xD.). I do the stupid hunt for my Sister, and I get to the point where the Professor dude gets stolen. And then,Teddiursa, Female!
    From a forced catch, I roll my die. 2! I get to keep Miss Teddiursa.

    I really hate my "sister" though. I get to Gateon Port, and before doing anything else, I evolve my Eevee. Sure, it's my favorite Pokemon...but I want power over favorites. ...Yep. Jolteon. I chose Jolteon because you get virtually NO other Electric type...Jolteon it is.
    Still holding off to getting the parts I need to fix up...what ever it it, the purification thingy a-I don't even care; I go Shadow Hunting.
    Ledyba, female is next up, and with virtually no trouble catching her and roll the die...5. Poop. Into the box she goes. This makes me sad, because I LOVE Ledian. Though...she might not ever have the good Elemental Punches as she did in my Crystal run. *sigh* I miss you, Nyckelpiga.
    My next and last Shadow Pokemon is Poochyena, male, one of my personal favorite Dark types. It took a moment, but I caught him. I roll the die, and comes out 6. YES! . Let me try to keep you for a long time!

    So, I go to Agate Village, and both Teddiursa and Poochyena's hearts go down to zero from fighting the people around them. Yay! I purify them, and happily name them both (along with nicknaming my Jolteon)
    Raku (based off of the word Rakurai, Japanese for Thunderbolt)
    Rose (Based off of one of the United States' Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, who was also known as teddy. Becausde Teddiursa is a teddy bear.)
    Mighty. (Well...because he will be a Mightyena...and I want him to be strong and Mighty...yeah.)

    I go to Mt. Battle, do all the stuff, gain some levels, Get to Cipher Lab...and turn back to level up. I had two level 12 Pokemon, and one level 15...I don't think I could take them.
    I saved at Mt Battle, after Trainer 15, and that is where my first day ends.

    My team is this:

        Spoiler:- On Hold:

        Spoiler:- Locked (Cannot use):

        Spoiler:- Dead:

    And there you have it. Hoping to Arceus that no one will die...*takes deep breath*
    I have the chance for some intresting Pokemon coming up, like Houndour, Baltoy, and Spheal. Hoping for one of them. All in the luck of the dice.
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