I have started a Pokemon Dark Rising Nuzlocke (a hack of Fire Red)

The rules are simple
1. Can only catch the first encounter on the route.
2. If it is duplicate I can opt to catch another pokemon or catch that pokemon if it's original is dead. (if I have let's say a growlithe and he is alive, I cannot catch the next growlithe I encounter. If the growlithe I had is dead I may catch the next growlithe I see)
3. All pokemon must recieve a nickname.
4. If a Pokemon faints it must be released.

What is Dark Rising?
Well it's a hack of Fire Red that changes the story and replaces certain pokemon to add in 4th and 5th gen pokemon. I recently figured out this game is really challenging seeing as you need level 100 pokemon for the Elite Four. So join me on my adventure on this maddening nuzlocke.

Here is the playlist of my adventures so far.