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Thread: 3rd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

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    HOLY FRICKING TACOES WITH A SIDE OF EXTRA-SPICY WHAT. You are just so lucky that in a Nuzlocke, you got a SHINY Skarmory. Super congrats.
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    Thanks a lot. What crazy odds!


    Pokemon Fire Red Nuzlocke.

    Device: Android Razr Maxx

    Standard rules:
    1). Catch first pokemon you see.
    2). No pokemon count towards Rule 1 until I recieve Pokeballs.
    3). No Duplicates and no Rattata..i don't care..**** those; unless the original Poke is 'dead'
    4). Faint ; Dead box
    5). Catch all shinies
    6). Legendary Pokemon will be caught, in case i continue with the game afterwards
    7). Allow Gift Pokemon
    8). Unlimited PokeCenter usage
    9). No items in-battle; no revives, no redo battles

    Roughly 15 years ago, I attempted to be Champion of the Kanto region.. to reign supreme over the entire land and people.. as Pokemon Master.

    Unfortunately.. I was young, naive, and had no real grasp at the task at hand.. and ultimately fell to my rival, Gary.

    Now, in the present time, Gary has turned this world into an unbearable living environment with his army of Gyarados running rampant in the waters.. his swarms of Dragonite and Charizard soaring over the towns attacking anyone in sight.

    This region needs a hero.. a change. But it's too late in this day and time.. the damage has been done, women have been raped, and children have died.

    In order to truly right the wrong and change the future for the better, Prof. Oak and I need to travel back in time, back to where I started my journey.. and take the Champion spot away from Gary, and set things right.

    Press Start, and the time warp will begin. Everything you once knew will be gone, and the fate of the entire world is in your hands.

    I picked my poison.. now let's go with it.

    Who to choose.. who to choose..

    Approximately 15 years ago.. I chose Squirtle. It was a trusty companion, but as we all know.. I fell short. Do I go with him again? Do I rekindle the memories we once had and go for the 'ship together?

    Do I betray what I know? Do I choose the ying to my yang?

    I look into the eyes of this Pokemon.. this fiery yet sad Pokemon. It looks as though he has the same look I had in the future.. the lonely yet determined look that has things to prove and great things to do.

    The battle has begun.. again..

    Drew 1 - 0 Gary

    Charmander.. who agreed to the name 'Zippo' smoked the Squirtle. It was quite a start to our journey. Zippo isn't completely settled on his name.. and tbh I'm not surprised. After reading a lot about Charmanders over the years.. I know it takes a long time for them to respect you and listen.. to trust and fight beside you and not against you. It will be a wild ride for sure.

    His picture after the fight. His stats are looking promising as well. I'll post a picture of that soon enough.

    We travel north, get a package and deliver it back to Oak.

    Once I am given the Pokedex for Oak's mission.. [which i will continue to not complete as I didn't last time.. lol] And Pokeballs to catch some more partners.. the journey has officially begun.

    Until next time.

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    Hello, people of Serebii! I have officially started a Nuzlocke Challenge on Pokemon Ruby. My HG Nuzocke was successful, so I'm trying my hand at Ruby.

    Yes Items in Battle.
    One Pokemon per route, level of cave, and body of water.
    I am allowed to Revive, but only with Revives I found on the floor.

    Current Team:

    I Liek It the Mudkip. Hasty, Lv. 8. Tackle, Growl, Mud-Slap.

    Peanut the Seedot. Sassy, Lv. 5, Bide, Harden.


    Ziggy the Zigzagoon.

    Snappa the Poochyena.
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    So here i'll post my advance through a Nuzlocke run in Emerlad.

    This will be my second run, i have recently failed my first try due to the lack of patience. 12 pokemon lost so quickly, Lilly the Dustox with Roxanne, Flow the Marill poisoned in the wild, a Wingull and a Magikarp i could not even catch, Jelly the Tentacool and Bass the Wishmur in the wild, Ena the Poochyena and Kalien the Skitty with May´s Mudkip, Windy the Taillow in the hands of Brawly and finally Trick the Kadabra, Tracy the recently catched Electrike and Flame, that fiery Combusken fell for May's Marshtomp before reach Mauville.

    Chronicles of a Nuzlocke Run

    So, with more Patience i'll restart the challenge, same rules as past
    -Pokemon that faint is permaboxed
    -Only first pokemon (i'll count each level of a cave as new area and water/grass in a same route as diferent areas)
    -No repeats
    -No buy items
    -Ramdom starter.
    -Can use Berries but have to plant one of the same species found in that soil (that means i can't plant Oran/Sitrus Berries everywhere)

    I just moved to Littleroot, time to set the clock, visit May and start a journey. I foud Birch being attacked by a wild Zigzagoon, in order to help him, i have to choose a pokemon, i rolled a dice and BAM! , the hardest one, at least has access to absorb wich can be very usefull.
    I decided name him Light.
    I beated May at Route 103, then back in the lab Birch gave a dex, he was sad when i told him i'll go for a Nuzlocke. "So, you're not planning fill the dex" he said. "This journey is for growth and learn, not for collections" i replied.
    The route 101 gave me a female I named her Anya. In route 103 after running from TEN poochyenas, a female apeared, i named her Wanda. Pick up can help me a lot in this run. Route 102: male called Aaron. Decided to box Anya, since Wanda gets STAB for tackle and headbutt, has only one weakness and pick up. Maybe Anya can help in the future.
    Reached Petalburg, my dad seems to be proud of my dessition, Wally came and I have to teach him how to catch a pokemon, went to the tall grass and "Whoa" a Ralts, lucky him.
    Time to grind in route 102, Aaron reached lvl 7 and evolved! it´s a . After some more training, i decided to continue. Route 104 gave me a female , I named her Feather. Sadly, a wild Wurmple critical-hited Feather, my first fallen pokémon.
    Petalburg Woods. I found a Male , named him Fungi and put him in the box, a Breloom would help a lot later in the game.
    Route 116 caught a female , it's a great pokémon, also I'll have an extra friend when she evolves. Named her Misato.
    Rustfur tunnel gave me a male , named him Echo, put him in the box. After some training I think i'm ready for Roxanne.
    I faced Roxanne. Light took her three pokemon, I feared for him when Nosepass used block, but everything went all right.
    Now i have a lot of training to do to face May and travel to Dewford. But for now i'll rest.

    My team so far.
    Light lvl 15
    Aaron lvl 13
    Wanda lvl 10
    Misato lvl 7



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    Also, using revives you find on the ground...that's not exactly the point of zuzlocke. If it faints it's dead, you can't use it again. As for me well, look at my sig. I'll play ruby again later today. I'm back guys. Kind of. I won't be really active and sorry for any inconvenience I've caused!
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    Yeah, I don't see why people think it's okay to revive Pokčmon in their Nuzlocke runs, no matter how much they limit it. It says right in the main rules that when a Pokčmon faints, they cannot be used again. No ifs, ands, or buts!

    (This is kinda off-topic, but... Chidori, you say in your signature that everyone always has to have an Electric, Grass, Fire, Water, and Flying type in every single team ever, but you don't have any Flying types in the team displayed immediately above said statement... Also, why is it that almost every single BW2 team I see has an Ampharos and an Arcanine? I mean, I like 'em as much as any other guy, but it's kinda strange how seemingly nearly everyone on this whole forum is going to use one.)
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    I don't see why it's necessary to get on people's cases if they want to tweak the rules a little to make it more fun for them. I mean, the point IS to have fun, isn't it?

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    Congrats on the Shiny! <3
    With my luck, the shiny would have (a) fainted, or (b) be a Spinda...though, I wouldn't mind a Spinda xD
    Congrats again.

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    Fire Red Post 2

    As I head North to use up some Pokeballs, I land in Route 1 and run into a Pidgey.

    I'm pleased to find a Pidgey over a Rattata, and catch him easily.

    I name him Relent, then notice his nature.. Quiet. Welp, I'll be boxing him. Possibly the worst nature, and no need to get desperate in using unwanted Pokemon just yet.

    I then go to Route 22, West. And I'm unsure exactly what Pokemon are around. I think there are the Nidorans, a Mankey, Spearow, and Rattata.. so I am hoping for maybe the Mankey tbh.

    Spearow shows itself, and as a flier would be nice, I attempt the catch.

    I name her Peach, and am also pleased with the nature of her. Can put on some bulk during the journey for sure.

    I do a bit of leveling up for Peach and Zippo.. hoping to get my team ready for my next battle vs Gary.. but unfortunately things start looking ugly early..

    It's kind of tiring at how many critical hits fly around. You really can't take any battle for granted. It's kind of ********.. and now you know why I hate Rattata so much. A bit frustrated tbh.

    I need a teammate.. anyone.. anything.. I head North to Route 2, hoping for anything.. just something that can hold it's own for a bit.

    I run into Bindle the cute Weedle. Beedrill? Sure, I'll go with that. Hell yeah.

    Well, like I mentioned before.. crits are running rampant.. especially when it takes 4-6 hits per Pokemon to faint.. so I guess the odds are higher. I never put Bindle into extremely dangerous battles.. but when a crit happens and your XP is already small compared to high levels, it's a drastic moment.

    My journey so far, to change the past and re-write the history books is looking meek and depressing overall. Zippo the Charmander is very beast-like right now.. able to handle anything, and we're growing together well. But in order to become a Champion, we can't do it alone.

    We head to the Forest, hoping for literally anything. The Forest has plenty of possibilities.. and I land next to a..

    Welcome Wormy the Caterpie. It's not a Pikachu.. it's not a cool Beedrill, but it can be a quality Poke.

    I travel back South to train, and although Wormy takes a while to get going.. evolves in almost no time, and becomes a Metapod [obv]

    Once Wormy gets to level 9, I decide to take a chance vs Gary.

    Tough move.

    Wormy was not ready.. I was a bit too confident, and should have better prepared my team.

    He was able to hit Pidgey a few times, but ultimately had to switch out to Zippo.. and allow him to pull out the match of his life in order for me to not lose one or even both of them. Squirtle thankfully knows no water-type attacks yet.. so it was a tackle v scratch battle. Which I ultimately won thanks to a few Tail Whips that just wasted turns.

    This cannot happen again, need more composure. My ultimate downfall in every Nuzlocke.

    I'm currently saved at the entrance of the Viridian Forest, preparing my travels towards Pewter City.

    Since going back in time and getting back into the mix of battling and training, it's almost all brand new to me again. It's been such a long time since I've had to go on such a journey and honestly, I started out a lot better back then with my Squirtle. In no way am I regretting choosing Charmander, and in no way am I regretting traveling back in time to attempt to make the world a better place and to overthrown Gary.. it's just going to take a bit longer than expected.

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    So im back, for a bad reasonb though.

    Today I decided to play my nuzlocke game.Anyway, I beat the trainers in Mt. Moon, then continued to cerulean city.I healed, then went to Nugget bridge to battle Gary.I was ready, or so I thought...
    First, my team. was something like this
    Pidgey lvl 15
    Ivysaur lvl 16
    Mankey lvl 15
    Butterfree lvl 14
    So I send out pidgey to battle Gary. He sends out his first pokemon : Pidgeotto. Then I see it's lvl 18 (I think?). Right then I know I'm in trouble. Rapunzel does about half, then dies.Unfortunately, it doesn't end there.One after one, do to dumb crits, Peat and Fasha drop. NOO! All I am left with are May, with me now, and Unagi in the box. I am facing Gary's last Pokemon, a Rattat with a paralyzed May. I am litterally starting to think I'm going to have to Restart the Entire Challenge, But May barely wins.
    So now I have two horrible Pokemon, a Bad natured Butterfree and a Magikarp at lvl 5.I train Unagi 2 levels, Then face Nugget bridge, only using May (because Magikarp only has splash) I win then go into a new area, Route 24. In the grass I find... Weedle. Really? I catch it do to lack of a reason not too, but it also has a bad nature and stats, Even as a Beedril. I nickname her(another girl) BEEdle. Then I head to route 25 and Find... Abra! Cool, right? Wrong. I forgot to move May up front to use sleep powder, and it teleports away.

    So the way things look so far, I have no chance of beating Misty. I am going to fail horribly unless I grind Unagi into evolving.
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    Aaaaand my Nuzlocke has failed. Roxanne's Geodude took out I Liek It with a crit Rock Tomb, and then Nosepass cleaned up Peanut. RIP, my friends. Obviously, my boxed Pokemon shared the same fate. At least I didn't grow too attached to them.
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    P o k e m o n . R u b y . V e r s i o n . N u z l o c k e

    My adventure has just started. I have chosen a "Halo" theme for my challenge, and will be naming my Pokemon accordingly.
    I hopped out of the truck, which that biiottch of a mom made me ride in the back of apparently and eventually saved prof. Birch, who
    thanked me by allowing me to keep my Mudkip. I'll attempt to update daily if any signficant changes are occuring.

    Mudkip - Carter lv. 6
    Tackle | Growl | Mud Slap
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    My ruby nuzlocke is over. All my pokemon died. Poison for Zigzag. I caught a Makuita and Illusime (forgot the nicknames) and they died. And then Kip...oh Kip...he blew up. Literally. Voltorb used self destruct, landed in a crit. Well, I'm gonna do a new nuzlocke now. What should I do? I'm back guys. Kind of. I won't be really active and sorry for any inconvenience I've caused!
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    Well I come with a quick update, and a 7th badge. My team has drastically changed.

    LV: 48
    -Ice Beam
    -Take Down
    -Mud Shot

    LV: 47
    -Rock Slide

    LV: 48
    -Seismic Toss
    -Brick Break

    LV: 48
    -Shadow Ball
    -Ice Beam
    -Will-o-wisp/Calm Mind

    LV: 47

    LV: 36
    -Ice Ball
    -Body Slam
    -Aurora Beam

    Right now I don't feel like doing hardcore training for Sealeo so I'm just EXP Sharing him while we progress. So we're now preparing to go look for the submarine of Team Aqua.

    Current Shiny Hunt:

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    Second day

    A lot of things had pased

    The day begun with the chase of the Aqua Grunt.
    Alo VS. Team Aqua Grunt

    I thinked Misato with a Harden/Leech Life Combo could take out that poochyena and gain a couple of levels. A critical hit ruined the future of a good pokemon. wanda hitted that poochyena with anger and finished him. Did some grind and went back to Rustboro.

    Alo VS. May


    I had no problem wiht Lotad, neither with Torchic.
    I went south to Mr. Briney's then more south, during the travel i was thinking on how easy I lost Misato, I have to be more pessimist and expect the worst, that way nothing will surprise me.

    Once in Dewford i fished a level 10 , named C.Wake, put him in the box, I think ill train him for Flannery.

    Granite Cave gave good results: in 1F i found ;63;, throw him a great ball, cross fingers and catch him, i named him Shazam. B1F an called Metalhead. The best part came in B2F where a received me!!!. She was hard to catch, broke two great balls, and finally with my last ball, a simple pokéball, she decided to be part of my team, named Violet.
    Violet grow very fast and she is very powerfull, it's a shame that has Adamant nature, so i can't count on STAB Faint Attack, but her Shadow Ball will be powerfull. During the training in Granite Cave Light wanted to evolve, but I better wait untill he gets Mega Drain, so i gave him an everstone.

    I think I am ready to face Brawly, Violet kicked every trainer in the gym, but i'm not sure if Brawly's pokémon have somethin "just-in-case-of-a-troll-sableye". I'll give Violet the silk scarf to power up her Fury Swipes for a while.



    Ok I just beat him, it was realy easy since none of his pokes could damage Violet, they got trapped into infinite Bulk Ups and Reflects, but i ignore all that defense boost with Night Shade :]

    My team leaving Dewford

    Wanda, the lvl 17, pick-up Zigzagoon.
    Aaron, the lvl 17 resistant Dustox
    Light, the lvl 19 waiting for MegaDrain, Treecko.
    Violet, the lvl 20 Sableye that swept alone Brawly's gym.

    Now I'm heading to Slateport, thinking in my next challenge: Mauville's Wattson, none of my friends can take it down... I'll need lot's of training.

    I decided to go for my my Route 110 pokemon before do the Slateport stuff. It's a , I named him Sir Tache. I think he can replace Aaron, since Swalot its more bulky, the only bad news are that he has Sticky hold :/ I also found Birch. he tried to convince me or quit the challenge an and work in the pokedex, like May. I kept silent.

    It's time to face May, the last time this was my last battle...

    VS May


    I decided to keep Aaron, since confusion and gust deal hard damage to combusken.
    First she send a Wingul, i started with Sir Tache. I used yawn, the amnesia, with Wingull sleeping, I used a potion and restore sir Taches hp to 90% beat it with 2 sludges. Then Combusken, i used yawn, but he used focus energy on the first turn and woke up at the first turn. Its peck got crit and left Sir Tache in low yellow health. I sent Aaron who recived another critical peck. Aaron tried to hit him with a gust, but Combusken was faster and finished him with an ember. That was painfull, I saw him grow from a defenseless wurmple. Bye-bye, Aaron. I sent Wanda, riscking her to a double kick, but she is very fast and hited Combusken with a headbutt and it flinched! Now a cut an it's done. Thank god may don't use potions. Finally Violet took easily her Lombre. Time to go back and heal, then up to Mauville.

    I went west of Mauvile to train, obviously I can't face wattson for now, catched a female in route 117, named her Ramona.

    During the Winstrate battles, Light learned Mega Drain and I let him evolve. I think I´ll level up Violet and Night Shade my way against Magneton. It seems to be the only way to do real damage to it :/



    It was a long battle against Wattson, but I finally win and no one in my team died. I started with Violet just to avoid the use of Selfdestruct, Voltorb was easy, but he paralyze her. So here came Electrike, i sent Sir Tache who is now a Swalot, used a couple of Amnesias while it Howls, then just a sludge and he is off. Magneton came and i decided stay with Sir Tache, first Sonicboom, I used Body Slam and got Paralysis hax :] then i keep hitting him with Body Slam since i encored it in shock wave and Sir Tache recived few damage, but Body slam wasn't good, it also taked few damage and he managed to Thunder wave me. Time came for plan B: Violet. Magneton's encore ended and used sonicboom, so I encored it again and switch. Gess who is imnune to sonicboom? Violet! She Night Shaded one, Wattson healed, then more night shades and magneton is over. Manectric had to face Sir Tache again and i repeated Amnesia+Sludge, he got poisoned so it was easy, I have now the Dynamo Badge

    So route 112 gave me a Male , named him krakatoa, i was indecise about keeping him in the team, but when i entered Fiery Path i found a !!!! One of my favorites fire types and a great pokemon. I catched her and name her Fionna, she is modest, so no Body Slam but it's not very impotant, also she will be my principal ally againt Flannery, the next leader.

    Nothing new, got a in route 113, named her Spot. No shiny skarmory for me :[
    Still training, got a male in 114, named him Lolo.
    A female in Meteor Falls, her name is Marceline.

    I was returning to Mauville to take out C.Wake and Fugi from the day care... I Rock Smashed and BAM a appeared! I catched him, but forgot nickname him, when I reach slateport, i'll rename him Mr.Stone. The sad side it´s that was caugh on route 111, the same as the desert, so, no desert pokemon for me... The only way to have one is catch it on the sand tower, since it's technically a different place.

    C.Wake was at level 18 so just needed a bit of training and a rare candy to have a powerfull i put him in my team just as back up, Maxie should be dangerous.

    VS. Magma Leader Maxie


    Ok, just as i tought, Maxie was a pain in the ****. Sir Tache took his Mightyena without problem, but his Camerupt left Wanda and Violet in red health, C.Wake took him down but ended with low yellow hp. With the Zubat, that f***ing Zubat i came crazy: I sent Light! Yeah a Grass against a Poison/flying "just for the speed EV" because of that stupid idea I lost Light due to a Critical Wing Attack (I almost cry at this point), then I sent C.Wake (I don't know why did I sent him) He bited the zubat but it survived with 2 or 3 hp and hit C.Wake with another Critical Wing Att. Fionna finished that ****ing Zubat, but the damage was done

    I have to rest and think on Flannery. and I need to think what will happen with my team.

    My Team before reach Lavaridge

    Sir Tache, the elegant Swalot, lvl 27. Violet, the sneaky Sableye, lvl 27. Fionna, the blazing Torkoal, lvl 27. Wanda, the useful Linoone, lvl 27


    Light, my starter. Grovyle lvl 27
    C.Wake, the recently evolved Gyarados lvl 20
    Aaron, the sturdy Dustox, lvl 18
    Misato, the promissing Nincada, lvl 7
    Feather, the quick wingull, lvl 7

    Boxed team members
    Anya, . Krakatoa, . Echo, . Spot, . Shazam, . Metalhead, . Ramona, . Marceline, . Lolo, . Mr.Stone, . Fungi, .

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    Decided to finally do a Nuzlocke run of my Emerald about a week ago.

    I'm at fortree at the moment, breezing through the gym, though the last three trainers gave me a bunch of trouble so I decided to do some training on route 120 until all my pokemon were level 32 (starter level 34).

    And then, I took on Winona,
    I started the battle using Mushmellow, my trusty Breloom against her Swablu, used Mach Punch, and scored a 2KO, while Swablu used Aerial Ace, didn't even chip off half its HP.

    After this Winona sent in Pelliper, so I decided to throw in Markus, my own Pelliper, and it quickly develops into a battle of confusion and luck, and luck appeared to prefer Winona, nearly causing a death to Markus, however, with some super potions, Markus prevailed, just barely though.

    After Markus had nearly taken it for the team, I figured Winona wasnt a gym leader you would want to mess with, and she sent out Tropius, I sent out my best friend, Phoenix, Phoenix the Combusken, and easily managed it without taking damage.
    Winona then sent out a big threat to my team, a Skarmory, since we didn't have anything to effectively counter it, I decided to put my own steel in battle, but from the land, not the sky. And now! Let the epic battle of steels! Sky versus Land, Begin!
    I sent out Ronda, my hard rocking Lairon, and spammed Iron Defense like crazy, and then used some Iron Tails, it was a long and harsh battle, but in the end, Ronda managed to beat Skarmory with Struggle.
    Then, Winona sent out her ultimate pokemon, her trump card, her... Altaria.
    Against Altaria, I sent out my second catch, Galad the Gardevoir.
    I can sum the battle between the last two pokemon up in one word: simple.

    Phoenix the Scorching Combusken Level 34 (Female)
    Markus the Agile Pelliper Level 32 (Male)
    Galad the Eccentric Gardevoir Level 33 (Male)
    Mushmellow the Trusty Breloom Level 32 (Female)
    Whisploud the Silent Loudred Level 32 (Male)
    Ronda the Hard Rocking Lairon Level 32 (Female)

    Bato the Gaping Golbat Level 28 (Male)
    Winter the Timid Swablu Level 29 (Female)
    Castafiore the Shining Castform Level 26 (Male)
    Tropana the Banana Loving Tropius Level 27 (Female)
    Yuki the Disastrous Absol Level 30 (Female)

    Poochy the Poochyena Level 3 (Male)
    Poochy died when the poison sting of a wurmple in Route 104 poisoned it, and when it went in battle against a ralts on route 102, it died It was my very first catch in my very first nuzlocke while I might have captured the Ralts (who is now a gardevoir and on my active team if you were wondering), I lost a friend, a Poochy kind of friend.
    RIP Poochy
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    P o k e m o n . R u b y . V e r s i o n . N u z l o c k e

    I went away this weekend, with a 3 hour car ride. This gave me plenty of time to work on my nuzlocke challenge, and I got throught a solid amount of the game. I was insanely lucky to find a shiny Zigzagoon first thing on the route due West of Petalburg City. Later on, while descending Mt. Chimmney and the Jagged Pass, I got another blast of luck, encountering a shiny Machop in the first patch of grass I hit. Machop was sitting in the PC but during my challenge of the Lavaridge City gym, Flannery's Torkoal was able to KO Jorge (Harriyama) with Overheat. This left a hole in my playing team, and due to the rampancy of Geodude, Graveler, Poocheyena, and Mightyena that trainers have all over the place, another Fighting type to replace it was in my best interest, so what better of a choice then my freshly caught KEYES, the shiny Machop. I have just defeated the Lavaridge gym, and recieved the go-goggles. My next move is to the desert for some hardcore training, and hopefully I will be able to catch a Trapinch as having Flygon later on in the game could be a blessing. Well that's all I have for now! I am planning to strengthen my Pokemon on defeat my fathers gym tomorrow so I can finally get the Surf HM and give CRTR a good STAB move. I will post an update tomorrow, hopefully Machop will be strengthened enough, because he will be very useful in fighting the multitude of Normal types at the next gym. Until next time! John Wallrein~

    The team at the moment looks like this. I am hoping that Electrike will
    evolve soon, as well as Machop. Linoone's Pickup ability has became
    a blessing and I have picked up countless amounts of Rare Candy,
    PP Up, Protien, HP Up, and the list goes on.

    [ CRTR ] the Marshtomp - lv. 28
    [ KAT ] the Swellow - lv. 26
    [ 343 ] the Manectric - lv. 25
    [ JUN ] the Shiny Linoone - lv 25
    [ REGRET ] the Kadabra - lv 26
    [ KEYES ] the Shiny Machop - lv 21

    The Deceased ~

    [ JORGE ] the Harriyama
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    Czech Republic/Slovakia


    @John Wallrein - oh god, man, not one, but TWO shinies almost at the beginning of a Nuzlocke? You're really lucky, congrats

    Also, I started my first Nuzlocke yesterday. It's on LeafGreen and here are my rules:

    1. Only catch 1st Poke in area (route, cave, different cave levels, grass/water on a same level are different areas also)
    2. No duplicates, can only catch one Poke from a family (that means if I catch Rattata, I cannot catch another one on a different route, also, I can't catch any Raticate). If the duplicate is the first one to appear on a new route, no new Poke from that route for me.
    3. I can only use healing items I find, excluding revives. I can only buy Pokeballs (and their variations), TMs, evolution stones, some other stuff...
    If the Pokemon faints, I have to put him in a box and cannot use him again.
    4. All Pokemon I catch must have nicknames.

    As it's my first Nuzlocke, I'll be using shift setting, not set.

    I think that's pretty much it, so let's get going.

    Telling Oak my name is Red and his grandson is called Blue is a tradition. It's also the truth, more or less. However picking Bulbasaur isn't really a tradition, as during my journeys through Kanto a usually go with a Pikachu. But I like Bulbasaur the best, so here we go:

    I call him Drain.

    And then, our first battle. Blue picks a Charmander and they get beaten up. I know we will be great partners, me and Drain.
    Oak sends me to the nearest town to run him an errand. I quickly retrieve Oak's parcel and head back to Pallet. I find Oak and Blue arguing again, oh god why? I wanna get out of there ASAP, so I give Oak his parcel, grab a Pokedex an a handful of Pokeballs and head to Route 1. My journey can officially begin.

    I hope I'll find a Pidgey there, however it's a Rattata. Ok then, Rattata it is. Tackle. Tackle. Critical hit! Damn... Doesn't matter, Viridian city, crazy old guy teaching me how to catch a Pokemon. He's slightly deaf and yelling (NO CRITICAL HITS, YOU HEAR ME?!). Ok, ok, I got it. Route 2. Weedle.

    His name is Needle. Level 4. Let's got to route 1, I'll train you there. Nice, level 3 Rattata jumps out of grass and Needle stings her. Again. And again. It's so easy, she's only whipping het tail. And then, only left with 1 HP, she uses Tackle - it's a one hit KO. She tailwhipped Needle almost to death, in his first battle. Poor sucker, he didn't die, but went crazy. Everywhere he looks he sees Rattatas whipping their tails. He has to stay in the box, hopefully, one day, he'll get better.
    We head to Viridian Forest, hoping for a new team member. Caterpie, cool. Tackle. Critical hit! (Drain, what did I tell you about critical hits on Pokes we want in our team?). Nevermind, route 22 it is. Something jumps in frontz of us. Is it a man? Is it a pig? No, it's Mankey! The pig pokemon. (what?)

    I named her Chimp. So me, Drain and Chimp head towards Pewter city and our first badge. Brock and his rock Pokemon can't stand a chance. I get my first badge, heal up and onwards to the route 3. Another few trainers who can't stand a chance, until... A trainer with an evil, altough a little derpy looking lvl14 Spearow stand in our way. Level 14. Drain is also lvl 14, chimp only 12 or so. Both have weakness to Spearow's Peck. But remember, I told you he's a little derpy looking. Always using Growl and letting us beat him up. Way to go!
    A weird thing happened. So far, Chimp was hit by a poison type move twice, and we had to run for Pokecenter both times. And since then, it happened everytime she was hit by anything even remotely smelling of poison. Every. Single. Time. Oh well, poison types will need to be handled some other way.
    I also realize I have tons of money. Really, you would'nt believe it. I wasn't buying anything, so I head back to Pewter city and buy Poke Balls. A LOT of them. I don't even know how am I able to carry them all.
    On route 3 again, and we catch a Pidgey!

    Her name is Airith (Combination of Air and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII. Let's hope she won't meet the same fate as Aerith did.)

    We reach Pokecenter under Mt. Moon. A shady guys tries to sell us a Magikarp. Why not? It'll be a while until we get an Old rod, so we take it.

    Meet another additon to my team, RedHerring.

    Mt. Moon: We are able to catch Vampie the Zubat and WeirdEyes the Paras. Right this way to the Box 1, guys. We beat some Rocket grunts. And we meet with a some kind of maniac. We beat a Dome fossil out of him, cool.
    At the other side of Mt. Moon there's a fight. Two Black belts, one kicking, one punching. I settle the argument by teaching Chimp both Mega Kick and Mega Punch, Bye guys.
    It's route 4 and we catch a Sandshrew.

    Beirut. I always wanted one.

    We proceed to kick Blue's *** and win a Nugget from the Grunt at the bridge. At route 24, a Caterpie runs toward my Pokeball. Sorry, Derpie, you're going to Box. Route 25 aaaand - an ABRA! Holding a spoon! Sleep powder, Poke Ball, caught. Awesome. His name is Shazam, but when I realize I can't trade, therefore I can't get Alakazam, my excitement quickly dies. Just.. go to Box 1 for the time being, ok? I bet you don't even know who caught you, the Sleep powder was just too fast.
    Bill. WHAT. THE. HELL? What the hell were you trying to do? You really creep me out, but thanks for the SS Ticket anyway.
    By the way, I forgot to mention, Drain evolved into Ivysaur and Airith into Pidgeotto. They beat Misty easily.

    Route 5 - Meowth. I call him Maneki. As in, Maneki neko. Those cat-shaped lucky charms. I soon find out he has the ability Pickup. Quite useful, you're staying with me for now.
    Route 6 - Everything is going well. The first Poke is a Pidgey, oh well. We catch Digglet, Digga, in Digglet's Cave and Sparrow the Spearow at route 11.
    And you know what? This:

    RedHerring, I'm proud of you. You've been a pain to train, but you made it. You're gonna kill 'em all.

    SS Anne was hard. Really. Only after all my Pokes were at 1/4 their health, one of them paralyzed and one poisoned (really, really dangerous) did I find out there's a nice lady who'll heal you. Neat. We get Cut, teach it to Maneki. We beat Surge. Beirut and Drain manage to do it quite easily. Also, I hate SonicBoom. We head through Digglet's cave to route 2, get Flash, teach it to Maneki and find a kid who wants to trade their Mr. Mime for an Abra. I hesitate and decide against it. Back in Digletts's cave, no reason to be afraid, right? Wrong! After all those lvl 19 Digletts a level 29 Dugtrio digs out of ground in front of my lvl 23 Chimp. Damn! Arena trap! However, Dugtrio is drunk or something, because it can't hit me and falls easily. So no worries, I'm almost at the end of the tunnel. Whoops, another Dugtrio. This time, more angry. Guess it was the poor fellow's wife or something. Thi is getting really tough, Chimp is a little hurt, there is arena trap... I remember I have found an X Defend and Super potion not too long ago. But even then, Chimp emerges victorious with only 2 HP left. Have to be more careful.

    Route 9 - Pidgey, damn. Route 10 - Welcome aboard, Gyro the Voltorb. Please, allow me to show you the way to Box 1. Dark Tunnel - Stoner the Geodude. Another one joins the others in Box 1, I hope they're happy there.
    Also, Beirut evolves!
    Route 7 and 8 - Pidgeys. Again and again. Oh well.
    I arrive at Celadon city. I have lots of money, so i buy evolution stones and a lot of coins for game corner. I'm too lazy to try and win. I realize there is a gym in here, Airis is able to fly through it single-handedly (single-wingedly?).
    I find another Rocket thug in Game Cornes, trying his mind tricks on me ("I'm guarding this poster for no reason at all. There's nothing behind it, no secret switch to open secret doors to secret hideout, no way."). I beat him, find a Lift Key for the elevator (ehm) and beat Giovanni's sorry ***. As I'm kicking him out, Silph Scope falls out of his pocket, nice.
    On the way out of city I decide I want to see it from the tallest buiding available. At the top I find an abandoned Eevee, name him Morpheus, promise him not to EVER abandon him and send him to Box 1. Talk about abandoning... But I'm still a better person than Giovanni, really! I just decided to train that Mr. Mime as a 6th member of my team. His name is Mimien. I aslo give him Abra's TwistedSpoon, that's how good I am!
    While leaving, an old granny hands me a cup of boiling hot tea. I proceed to throw it into my backpack, not thinking, and yell "Thanks, Grandma" at her. At the gates of Saffron city I notice a really really thirsty guard. "Here, have this used tea bag, make yourself a tea. " "Thanks man, just what I needed. The town is under the control of Team Rocket, but since I'm not thirsty anymore, you can go in." Weird guy... Anyway, I can't do anything about the rocket's presence in Saffron, but I find an interesting building. What is it? I enter and run into a fight right away. I realize I made a mistake soon enough. With horror in my eyes. Level 9 Mimien faces level 31 Machop. Pidgeotto, cover him! In the process he gets pretty hurt, but still manages to take the Machop down. However, more Pokes get hurt. We are victorious, but a savage Blackbelt runs towards us - "I WANNA BATTLE!" Damn. Damndamndamndamn. We almost made it. Almost. Their levels were just too high. In the end, Machoke takes down my Sandslash, Beirut. Using Revenge. And a critical hit.

    Broken, we run to the nearest Pokecenter just to find out Beirut was hurt pretty badly. He won't be able to fight again, and so he'll stay in a Retirement box with a slightly crazy Weedle. It's a shame, there was a lot of potential in him.

    Now, who'll be replacing Beirut in our team? Digga? Ok, Digga, come on! But first, Mimien needs training - Pokemon Tower it is. Mimien soon reaches level 28 and rescues Mr. Fuji. Also, exorcises a fierce ghost of Marowak. And catches a Gastly, Fright. That Mime is a handy dude.

    Now, standing in Lavender Town, which way are we gonna take? to the west, to cycling road? Or to the south, where a sleeping Pokemon is blocking the way? Soon we'll see.

    My team so far:

    Drain, lvl 32

    RedHerring, lvl 31

    Chimp, lvl 31

    Airith, lvl 31

    Mimien, lvl 28

    Digga, lvl 22

    Retirement Box:

    Needle, lvl 4

    Beirut, lvl 30
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    Current shiny hunt: 1401 eggs hatched so far

    HG FC: 1593-0713-2225, OT: Kofola
    Black FC: 1464-3638-2370, OT: Rajec

    Current HG Pokedex status: 360 owned

        Spoiler:- Shinies:

        Spoiler:- Shinies I traded away:


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    Yesterday I decided, after much thought, to head to Citadark Island. I trained Zyphre (Vibrava) so he could take advantage of Dig. I trained Nitori (Golduck) so I could have another special attacker.

    Nitori and Freddie (Raticate) both got killed against Area 4's leader, Boyden. I chose to use one of my Rare Candies on Nitori. I went back to Citadark, even after that.

    I battled Lovrina with Diana and Nitori, the only girls, out front. She had Attract, and used it accordingly. Diana got hit with a crit Ice Beam from Gorebyss. I just nearly managed to keep Vant alive when I was trying to snag Farfetch'd and Altaria.

    I'm going back to Mt. Battle and training everyone to Level 45. I'm also going to train backups in case this happens again, and I'd like some opinions on who I should train.

    I still can't believe this. She was my first catch...

        Spoiler:- Current Team:

        Spoiler:- Backups?:

        Spoiler:- Graveyard:
    Current Status
    Restarting Nuzlocke Project

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    Hello guys~ I'm back! really getting board with Crystal XD, So I'm back...With Sapphire!
    My rules are:
    1) One Pokemon in each new area...bla bla bla
    2) Once fainted, they cannot be used anymore. (NO REVIVES!)
    3) Because Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald has a HIGH Shiny rate when Nuzlocking apparently...I'll be catching any I see.

    I'm using Rare Candies this time. Don't ask why.
    Also, because the Regis need two Pokemon to be caught (one being super rare) I'll not be hunting them down, unless if I trade the two pokemon I need JUST to fight them.

    Anywho, I start off, and soon enough I get my partner.

    Ruby Level 5 male
    Natue: Naive
    Met on Route 101
    Ability: Overgrow
    Wow. Naive~ Raises Speed and Lowers Special Defense. Why do I feel this is a good nature?

    I do all the stuff I need to do, and I get poke balls and get my first pokemon.

    Zanha Level 4 female
    Nature: Gentle
    Met on Route 103
    Ability: Pick Up
    I love her already. Picks up a Super Potion, Rare Candy, and a Full Restore!
    As for nature...Meh. Raises Special Defense lowers Defense...could be worse, but could be better, too.

    I go onto route 102 thinking a bug type...Well...She is a bug type

    Susan Level 3 female
    Nature: Jolly
    Met on Route 102
    Ability: Swift Swim
    I was SHOCKED! A encounter rate of ONE, and she's my first Pokemon. Not as good as a Shiny, but HECK! I always wanted to try a Surskit. I mean, Lydian is amazing in my Crystal, Muk in my Fire Red...why not try Surskit.
    And for nature. OH MAN! Raises Speed and lowers Special Attack. Darn! That's what she NEEDS is her Special Attack! Oh well, it'll be fine.
    Now to train. I'll see you guys after that~

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    I have an Emerald Nuzlocke in progress, but I'm taking a break because Norman's freaking me out.

    So, I started a Firered Nuzlocke!

    Started with a female Squirtle named Andrea, who proceeded to beat Gary, and, once I had the Pokedex and Pokeballs, killed the Rattata I found in a one-shot crit hit. Joy...

    Not to be disheartened, I headed off to the side route leading towards the Indigo Plateau, and I found a Mankey! Who proceeded to die in a one-shot crit hit from Andrea... Again. Joy.

    However, I did finally find a female Pidgey named Rowena right before Virdian Forest. She proceeded to kill the Kakuna I found. My life's so great.

    Team when I challenged Brock: Andrea the Squirtle, level 14, and Rowena the Pidgey, level 14.

    I've never trained a Pidgey before, but after she defeated Brock's Geodude, I fell for her.

    After winning the Boulder Badge, I got the hell out of Dodge. Andrea evolved into Wartortle! And... I found a Spearow who Rowena killed in one-shot. My. Luck. Wow.

    So, in order to build up something resembling a reserve, sort of, I purchased the Magikarp, a female named Katrina. I didn't immediately box her, but I'm not actively training her.

    I hesitantly step into Mount Moon, hoping I'll be able to get down a floor so I can get a Paras, but luck wasn't on my side, and I almost got to the ladder, but a level 9 male Zubat got in my way. His name's Michael, and he's not going to be actively trained right now either, and put with Katrina in the box later.

    I'm about to battle the last of Team Rocket and leave the cave.

    Current Team:
    Andrea - Wartortle, level 20
    Rowena - Pidgeotto, level 20
    Katrina - Magikarp, level 5
    Michael - Zubat, level 9

    Merp. I hope I get an Ekans.

    Edit: Male Ekans, get! He's level 6 and his name is Amir.

    Edit 2: Aaaaand, Amir has died... I'm really sad about that. I was looking forward to using an Ekans/Arbok, but I guess he was too fragile for someone who doesn't pay much attention...

    I breezed through the Nugget Brigade with my awesome duo of Wartortle and Pidgeotto, and all of a sudden, I tripped over a male Oddish... After trying my best not to kill it, we caught him! Welcome to the team, Cameron.

    I'm en route to Bill's cottage, and I gotta say. Cameron is really holding his own! Woo. Should I try and catch something on Route 25?
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    Current Black Team: Rivka (Stoutland), Elmo (Musharna), Scarlett (Whimsicott), Gabriel (Carracosta), Reese (Klang), Sean (Mienfoo); all are at level 47. Currently in Victory Road.

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    P o k e m o n . R u b y . V e r s i o n . N u z l o c k e

    I have made quite a good advancement. I have just defeated Winona, with Manectric defeating all of the Pokemon besides Altaria, who was taken down with a team effort between many Pokemon. I am just leaving Fortree City. Vibrava has been leveled up tremendously, mostly due to the fact that it doesn't compete well on its own, but once it becomes a Flygon it should be great. Linoone was sadly lost along the way. Although I released Hariyamma, I just couldn't bring myself to release a shiny Pokemon, so Linoone has been boxed. My next project is to bring Machoke close to the same level as Marshtomp and Manectric while also bringing Vibrava to the point of evolution. Until next time, John Wallrein ~

    The team at the moment looks like this:

    [ CRTR ] the Marshtomp - lv. 34
    [ KAT ] the Swellow - lv. 34
    [ 343 ] the Manectric - lv. 35
    [ REGRET ] the Kadabra - lv 29
    [ KEYES ] the Shiny Machoke - lv 30
    [ HORNET ] the Vibrava - lv 40

    The Deceased ~

    [ JORGE ] the Harriyama

    [ JUN ] the Shiny Linoone
    | Knowledge is power, don't be an idiot |

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    I've decided to start posting a ruby nuzlocke that I already started.
    Ive beaten brawly without any deaths.
    I am not doing dupes.
    Here's My team.

    Amelia LV 20
    Simon LV 15
    Cole LV 18
    Gillian LV 18
    Henry LV 20
    Benny LV 14

    Claire LV 16
    Izzy LV 6
    Sumo LV 9
    Te'ijal LV 10
    The Doctor LV 8
    Sapphire LV 7
    Alice LV 6

    In the RIP box.

    So here's some details.
    Amelia got to 2 HP against Roxxane good thing I got some super potions from pick-up.
    Claire Solo'd Brawly But I boxed her for Henry because she was frail.
    Amelia, Cole, and Simon are all bold.
    I missed an electrike. Stupid critical hits.
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    A lot's happened since my last update. Currently, I'm in Vermillion City's Gym, searching for the switches. I'm almost ready to battle Lt. Surge. One more level each.

    With Amir's death weighing on our minds, Andrea and Rowena helped me train Cameron up to their level. I went into the Gym with Cameron at level 22, I didn't evolve him yet because I wanted Acid earlier and just wanted to be with an Oddish for a while longer, and the others at 23.

    Cameron destroyed Misty's Staryu, and Rowena had a long fight with her Starmie, but emerged victorious.

    I'm so happy that Andrea and Rowena have made it this far. I'm going to be really, truly upset if I lose either of them. And I'll be devastated if I lose both...

    As we were leaving town, though, we ran into a burglar. He worked for Team Rocket, and we easily stopped him. After turning him over to Officer Jenny to be taken into custody, Cameron learned Acid and evolved!

    I stopped and looked at my team. Wartortle. Pidgeotto. Gloom. Andrea wasn't the innocent young squirtle I'd first left Pallet Town with, and Rowena has become more mature but more jaded. Amir's death really got to them. There's a bond between the three of us that could never be broken: we were with each other at our journey's Turning Point, at our decent into the Unknown of the Future.

    And then there's Cameron, who, at first, was living in Amir's shadow. We didn't want to replace him, but it wasn't Cameron's fault. He brings a light to our team that was necessary to keep us from going off the deep end.

    We didn't make any captures during the trek from Cerulean to Vermillion, the two meowth we saw fainted rather quickly...

    However, we knew we needed another team member. Lt Surge trained really strong Electric Types. Andrea and Rowena were incredibly vulnerable at this Gym, and Cameron wouldn't be able to carry the team by himself. What if Surge had a Magnemite? Acid would only go so far, and Absorb wouldn't do much.... And our reserves were a Magikarp (Katrina) and a Zubat (Michael), both also susceptible to massive damage from electricity.

    So, we set out to Route 11 to find something, only to be faced with a male Ekans.

    I didn't catch it. I couldn't, wouldn't, replace Amir with shadow of himself.

    Then, while talking to a guy whose team Andrea had stomped, we heard about Diglett Cave. Diglett... A ground type. An underdog, quite literally.

    We would catch one.

    And that's how Abed the male diglett joined our motley crew.

    I've gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised by Abed's raw power. He required no training wheels for his training. Living in a colony, not dissimilar to those of ants, had given him a very militaristic attitude. He doesn't understand social cues. We caught him while he was hunting.

    He fits in pretty well, I've gotta say. Cameron took to him like water, grateful to have another guy on the team besides me. His rose-tinted lenses go well with Abed's grayscale.

    In order to train up more for the impending battle, we decided to put the party invitation Bill gave us to good use and boarded the S.S. Anne for the night.

    When they noticed I had a diglett, they informed me that, while during battles in the stadium it would be okay, he couldn't be underground on the ship.

    That's how we came to understand what digletts really look like.

    After a while, we found Will, our rival, and we fought again... Abed used Dig, and his Raticate fell in the hole right as I ordered a Magnitude attack... I hope the Raticate will be okay. I don't think I could live with myself if I did to Will what that one trainer did to Amir...

    We received Cut and taught it to Abed, and are now in the gym.

    It's been a long journey.

    Current Team:

    Andrea Rowena Cameron Abed


    Katrina Michael
    Current Black Team: Rivka (Stoutland), Elmo (Musharna), Scarlett (Whimsicott), Gabriel (Carracosta), Reese (Klang), Sean (Mienfoo); all are at level 47. Currently in Victory Road.

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    I think it's time.... to do a RUBY nuzlocke. Because I feel sorry for my GBA games, just sitting here all unused-like.
    - You can only use the first Pokemon you encounter in each route/town/city/cave.
    - All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
    - If a Pokemon in your party faints you must box/release it and not use it anymore in your challenge.

    Started the challenge, defeated May and caught my first few pokemon. Time to train 'em up.
    Blaze, L8
    Flutters, L2
    Pepper, L2
    Linny, L4
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