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Thread: 4th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

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    Goldenrod City!

    -Got REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAALLLLY bored and played at the crappy Voltorb flip thing until I got to 3500 coins, Bought a Dratini, Sandshrew and Abra with the coins.
    -Helga fell in battle thanks to two critical hits in a row from Whitney's evil Miltank D': R.I.P. Helga Lv. 4-23
    -Reginald beat the heck out of the Miltank and I won the Badge from Whitney after her little *****ing session.
    -Hatched the Magby and Mareep eggs.
    -Sarah evolved into a Dragonair!
    -Frank evolved into a Kadabra!

    Current Location: National Park

    The Team:
    George the Quilava Lv. 28
    Bert the Beedrill Lv. 27
    Frank the Kadabra Lv. 24
    Betty the Pidgeotto Lv. 26
    Reginald the Shiny Quagsire Lv. 30
    Sarah the Dragonair Lv. 30

    At the Lab:
    Bob the Mareep Lv. 1
    Quincy the Slugma Lv. 1
    Tim the Togepi Lv. 1
    Rupert the Drowzee Lv. 25
    Kevin the Sandshrew Lv. 15

    The Fallen:
    Savannah the Rattata Lv. 3-Lv. 3 "Gone too Soon"
    Alfred the Geodude Lv. 3-Lv. 10 "Taken in his prime"
    Helga the Arbok Lv. 4-Lv. 23 "Will never be forgotten"
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    PASBL Record-
    TL- 3
    Ref Grade- C+
    Wins- 24 ~ Losses- 14 ~ Draws- 1
    TP- 156 KOs- 52 SP- 15
    Current Number of Pokemon on the Squad: 39

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