-I went through routes 27 and 28, beating all the trainers. I didn't catch any Pokemon on these routes.

-I wanted a 5th Pokemon for my team, so I went to all of the towns and headbutted the trees. Most of the Pokemon I found were Hoothoots, but in Cherrygrove City I found an Exeggcute. It was only level 2, but I decided to catch it anyway. I named it coconut, the same name I gave to my PS3.

-I went through Victory Road. The first Pokemon I saw was a Golbat. I decided not to catch it. I did some training on Victory Road.
-At the end of Victory Road, my rival challenged me to a battle. I led with ACRUELTENT, thinking he'd lead with his Magneton, but he led with his Sneasel instead. It went down easily thanks to its low defenses. Next he sent out his Golbat. I had fought many of these while training in victory road, so it went down easily. The rest of his team also went down easily, including his Feraligatr.

-I trained everyone a lot in Victory Road. I decided to get them all up to level 47 for the Elite Four. I even trained up coconut all the way from level 2 to level 47, not evolving it until level 47 because at this level it learns Psychic. I had to get 2,500 points at the Pokeathlon to get a leaf stone, but it was easy because I did the Jump course, getting around 500 points (including the 100 for winning) for each time I completed it. I evolved coconut with the Leaf Stone and it immediately tried to learn Leaf Storm. I got rid of Solarbeam because I didn't want coconut to be vulnerable to attacks while it charges it up.
Next time I will face the Elite 4. Below is the team I will be taking with me into the Pokemon League, with their movesets.

    Spoiler:- team: