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Thread: 4th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

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    Update 4!!!!

    A bunch of evolution's galore

    -My Oddish evolved into a Gloom(Flora)
    -Got an Eevee from Bill and trained it up
    -I got a Rattata(Tail) as my Burned Tower Encounter
    -My Zubat evolved into a Golbat
    -I wasted a Rare Candy on my Metapod in the PC and evolved it into Butterfree(Fairie) because I needed a Pokemon to teach Flash to, to get through Union Cave now that I got Strength. Although I did have Gloom but I did not want to get rid of any of it's moves. :P
    -One level later my Golbat evolved into Crobat(Dracula)
    -I ran into Raikou on route 38 as my first encounter. I did attempt to catch it with a Fast Ball but of course it ran away. So now no Pokemon on that route for me. Roaming Pokemon just ruin Nuzlockes -_-
    -I got Farfetch'D(Awkward) as my Route 39 encounter
    -My Eevee evolved into Umbreon(Ailester)
    -Beat Morty without a problem

    Current Team

    Quilava(Tiamat) Lv. 26

    Geodude(Ricter) Lv. 24

    Gloom(Flora) Lv. 24

    Golbat(Dracula) Lv. 24
    Heracross(Breaker) Lv. 23

    Eevee(Ailester) Lv. 23

    Butterfree(Fairie) Lv. 15
    Rattata(Tail) Lv. 15
    Farfetch'D(Awkward) Lv. 16

    Caterpie(Flutter) Lv. 4
    Mareep(Electra) Lv. 6-7
    Togepi(Lucky) Lv. 1-2
    Mareep(Cotton) Lv. 1-14
    Gastly(Spirit) Lv. 3-14
    Rattata(Nibble) Lv. 2-14
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