I made a fresh HG nuzlocke a few days ago. I'm pretty disappointed my friend from school had no idea what the nuzlocke challenge even is because I was hoping he'd do it with me so I'm in it alone.

Right now I'm at Azalea Town. I just beat Bugsy but I haven't fought my rival yet. I'm feeling confident because I've only had two Pokemon faint. One was a geodude from route 46 that fainted before I could capture (stupid criticals...) and the other was a level 3 zubat from dark cave that I practically threw away during the fight with Bugsy. My other Geodude was taking heavy damage so after his kakuna died I switched out to zubat and used a super potion. While I lost a zubat, it was worth it as geodude defeated scyther in one rock throw and I actually have a second zubat.

Just another thing, I'm going to consider the sudowoodo on route 37 to be legendary and I will refuse to use it, even if it is the first pokemon I capture.

Not counting the Pokemon I have stored in my bank this is my team:

Blaze level 17

(forgot to name, oops) level 17

Mine level 18

Acetate level 13

It sucks that I've already caught three Caterpie. Of course, it may be worth it to train one for the elite four, but at that point they're pretty weak.