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    Default Nemo's Pearl Nuzlocke, Episode 1: A Fairytale Beginning!

    Alright, I think I'll join the above two posters in a Sinnoh Nuzlocke. As it just happens, this'll be on Pearl! I would like to have picked Chimchar to complement their choices, but I started this a couple of days earlier, and so I had picked Turtwig. My nickname theme is 'Disney/Pixar Characters'Anyways, without further ado...

        Spoiler:- Rules::

    I picked the female character and named her Nemo (hey, it's a gender-neutral name!). I went to see my rival, nicknamed Barry. He dragged me along to Lake Verity, where we were attacked by wild Starly. I picked Turtwig as my starter (I had never used him before), and defeated the wild Pokemon. After returning home, I was given the Running Shoes, and sent to Sandgem town to Professor Rowan's lab. At the Lab, I accepted Turtwig as my starter, and nicknamed him Crush; after the turtle from 'Finding Nemo'. I returned to Twinleaf, and was then entrusted with a
    Parcel for Barry.

    I headed to Sandgem, and after the Pokemon catching tutorial, my Nuzlocke officially started. I backtracked to Route 201 and caught a Starly named Hayabusa (the antagonist eagle from Mulan). I proceeded through Route 202, and to my surprise, I lucked out with a Shinx! I nicknamed him Simba (Lion King). After some grinding, I proceeded into Jubilife City. Nothing very interesting. I received the Poketch and proceeded into Route 203. Hayabusa, now very much overleveled, completely wrecked Barry's team with Wing Attack. I continued to dominate the Route until I reached Oreburgh Gate. In the adjacent patch of grass, I found (Abra, abra, abra...) ... BIDOOF!. Fun. Caught him and nicknamed him Chip (Chip n' Dale). He probably won't see much use but at least he triggers Dupes Clause from now on. I feel a little bad about this attitude, but I'm just not going to grind Bidoofs >_>. In Oreburgh Gate, I caught my first female Pokemon, a Geodude. (How ironic). It was really difficult to come up with a nickname, so I went with Mrs Potato(head) (Toy Story). It's really the best I could do. It's unfortunate that she'll never achieve her true potential as I don't have access to a means of trade-evolution; but she'll do for quite a bit.

    I proceeded into Oreburgh, was promptly shoved in front of the Gym, but decided to completely ignore it and headed into Oreburgh Mine. I told Roark to prepare his sorry butt for a thrashing. I decided to stop here and grind for a non-Geodude encounter, while training Crush and Mrs Potato(head) for the upcoming Gym Battle. Mrs Potato(head) triggered Dupes Clauses dozens of times, until I landed on a Zubat. I caught him and named him Fidget (The Great Mouse Detective). Unfamiliar name that I had to look up, but anyways, he'll likely not see any battles either. I would eventually meet two Onix during the course of training, them being very rare; however, I prefer Mrs Potato(head) anyways. After some more grinding, I returned to the Poke Center, and saved there.

    - Badges: 0
    - Reserve Pokemon: 0
    - Deceased: 0
    - Location: Oreburgh

        Spoiler:- ...:

        Spoiler:- ...:

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    Next time! The first Gym Battle!
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