Changing the difficulty to Set has made a huge difference, but I've survived pretty well up to this, now about to ascend Mt. Coronet. It's not all been a smooth ride, though. Firstly, I lost Ronan (Luxray) to an Ace Trainer's Staraptor near Pal Park, who OHKO'ed him with a crit Take Down. Definitely a tough loss, considering he was my very first catch. Netto (Magnezone) has taken his place since, and he's done the team the justice it deserves with the absence of Ronan.

As I entered Canalave City, I began to worry about Mellow (Krickectune). Being one of my earliest catches, I'm a bit more worried about losing him now, and with his sub-par stats, I decided not to push him any further, and I've boxed him. The battle with Barry, though, was easily to the smartest I've seen the AI get. Not even the Subway has impressed me as much as Barry did here, and it almost cost me. Firstly, after I Yawned his Staraptor, he switched Roserade into Dumple's (Quagsire) Surf. I then switched into Tharja (Gengar) while it Giga Drained, and the next turn, Roserade used Toxic Spikes. And it doesn't even end there. After I KO'ed Roserade, he sent out Floatzel, and thinking he'd try a stronger move, he used Pursuit and almost killed her. The battle was smooth from there on, but honestly, I've never seen the AI pull of such ridiculous moves, even if it happened to be lucky.

Byron went down without a problem, but I almost lost Jishin (Torterra) to two consecutive Explosions in Iron Island while teamed with Riley. If it wasn't for me healing, I'd have lost my starter, not a thought I want to have. It hasn't been perfect since then, though. In my battle with Candice, I knew something bad would happen, since I had little reliable way to take down her whole team. Sneasel went down rather smoothly, but then came Abomasnow. I figured I could take it with Netto, but I suddenly remembered Focus Blast and switched into Tharja. I used Confuse Ray on it, but with no success there. After a Shadow Ball didn't KO it, an Avalance crit killed Tharja. Arc (Alakazam) promptly got revenge for the team's loss, and then came Froslass, the one I was truly afraid of. Taking advantage of Hail and my switch into Netto, she spammed Double Team. A Magnet Bomb crit instantly KO'ed her ace before she could do anything, and Piloswine then fell the Dumple, after a close call with Earthquake.

This put me in a tough spot, since I was planning to teach Tharja Thunderbolt for Cyrus's Gyarados, since that thing is going to be a terror, I know. Even now, with my team at Lv. 46, I have a bad feeling about that fight. My team can handle him, but I'm going to be very cautious from here on.

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