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Thread: 4th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

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    Hey! Remember me?

    This might be a tad awkward to introduce, but remember my first Nuzlocke, SoulSilver? Well, for old times' sake, I've started a new Nuzlocke- but this time in the Kanto arc. That means:

    -I must deposit all of my old team. Any Pokemon that was on my final Johto team will be deposited to make way for Kanto's team.
    -Except for one- my choice being Crunky the Flaafy, nickname changed to Raiden for this arc- I must start fresh. Every Johto-caught Pokemon is off limits, aside from him and HM/Headbutt users.
    -I can, however, return to Johto to train if I need to.
    -All other standard Nuzlocke rules apply.
    -Dupes and shiny clause is on. I may choose not to catch something I've already caught in Johto.

    Naturally, I haven't made much progress at all with this run. I've been going around parts of the region, catching Pokemon. So far, I've decided on four team members. I'll train them to level 40-50 before moving on.

    EDIT: Well then, looks like I'm breaking the 'only one Johto Pokemon' rule already! While training Orpheus near Violet City, I ran into and caught a shiny Bellsprout! I called her Isabelle, and decided to put her on my team. Thankfully she was nowhere near as stressful to catch as Osiris- it just took me one Ultra Ball.

    EDIT: And already, I've had my first death... While grinding, Mowi got a crit on an Anger Point Tauros. You can probably guess the result. So I replaced her with an Impish Wurmple named Spyke, who evolved into Beautifly, and picked up Poppy the Slakoth from Route 25. I plan to continue training them today.

    However, Raiden evolved at last, as did Isabelle! (Then Orpheus did.)

    EDIT: I finished my grinding with no further fatalities, though I did replace Orpheus with Rocket the Magcargo. She's probably my most ironic catch, being a Timid Magcargo who's quick to flee. I plan to start Kanto tomorrow.

    I got the Machine Part back, at least- I managed to take out the Rocket Grunt's Golbat easily with Raiden. However, now that I look at the gym leaders' levels, I'm thinking I should train to at least level 50 (55 for Spyke) before I make any more progress.

    EDIT: And finally I'm getting somewhere! I fought and caught Lakys the Snorlax, and went through to Pewter. I fought through and made my way to Mt Moon, where I was surprised by my rival. The battle wasn't bad, actually- Rookie took out Sneasel in two Returns, Raiden took out Feraligatr with two Discharges (it was paralysed, potentially saving Raiden, as he hit half-health), Alakazam was taken out with a Bug Buzz from Spyke (it used Reflect kind of stupidly) Golbat fell to Raiden's Discharge, Rookie OHKO'd Magneton with Earthquake. I thought Gengar would be tough, but I paralysed it with Isabelle, switched to Rocket while it couldn't move, and weakened it with Fire Blast. It lived... And promptly fainted itself with Curse. Good job, Silver.

    I'll start on the gyms once I've discovered every town.

    EDIT: Quick update: thanks to Sinnoh Sound, I caught a Buizel called Banzai on Route 22. I began training him- Rookie's cool, but Rocket can cover the Pikachu and Charizard, and a little extra power would be useful. Then I somehow accidentally pulled off the ledge glitch, so Raiden ended up vanishing. Just thought you might like to know.

    EDIT: Brock is down! It was actually a pretty easy battle- Banzai and Isabelle were all I needed to take him down. I led with Banzai against his Graveller, Onix and Rhyhorn, all of which he OHKO'd with Surf. Isabelle took a hard hit from Kabutops' Rock Slide, but she was able to take it and Omastar down capably with Leaf Blade.

    Misty was slightly trickier. Raiden's Discharge didn't quite KO Golduck, so she switched to Quagsire while I sent out Isabelle. After that, however, Raiden handled the rest with relative ease.

    Team so far:
    Raiden (m), level 54
    Isabelle (f), level 53
    Spyke (m), level 56
    Poppy (f), level 52
    Rocket (f), level 54
    Banzai (m), level 53

    Mowi (f), level 26 (destroyed by an Anger Point Tauros)
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    Hello guys i finished my pokemon black nuzlocke so i am starting a nuzlocke on diamond! basically i did all the intro stuff and got my starter named Randy and then a Starly named Astra and then a Shinx named diana yay shinx! then while grinding a bit Astra got critted by another starly R.i.P thats my first post thanks for reading! Not trying to sound mean but this nuzlocke really likes to give me girl pokemon for some reason! aside from randy.

    Randy Level 8

    Diana Level 4


    Astra Level 3-3

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    Default D6 nuzlocke

    Alright, this is a Nuzlocke I've invented and used for multiple Pokemon generations (though heartgold is my favorite game so that's why I put it here) of games now and I love it so I thought I'd post it here and on Reddit to get some feedback.

    If anyone would like to play this Nuzlocke I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for your time and get ready for one of the most challenging, most RANDOM Nuzlockes you've ever played!

    (PS Id like to get my own thread for this if people wouldn't mind. I'll leave it up to the MODS )


    1 - If a Pokémon faints it is considered dead and must be released.
    2 - You must Nickname all Pokémon.
    3 - You must choose a “Partner Pokemon”. This Pokémon cannot die unless you blackout. If this Pokémon faints you must roll a D6 and multiply it by the amount of times this Pokémon has fainted. The resulting number is the amount of routes you must box your “Partner Pokémon” (and all gyms, rival battles, events in between will be missed as well).
    4 - If you black out you may roll a D6 and if you roll a 5 you may revive your “Partner Pokémon” to continue your game. If you roll anything other than a 5 your game ends.
    5 - If your Pokémon is ever more than 5 levels higher than the Ace Pokémon of the next gym then you must roll a D6 every route and town to see if it will listen to you there. Roll 1-3 it WONT listen to you for THIS ROUTE. Roll 4-6 it WILL listen to you THIS ROUTE.
    6 - You may keep one Legendary from the game and you may keep one gift Pokemon.
    7 - Roll D6 before entering every route for encounter. This will tell you what you can catch. The Pokémon you get from these situations are the ONLY Pokémon you can obtain. Roll…
    *Roll 1 - Your lead Pokémon chases your encounter to the previous Route. Return to previous route and roll D6 again for which # encounter you can catch.
    *Roll 2 - You may catch the first or second encounter in the route.
    *Roll 3 - Poke’vet helps you find the Pokémon that you want from this route with a competitive nature.
    *Roll 4 - NO ENCOUNTER! (Your lead Pokémon is injured. Discard a potion.)
    *Roll 5 - Your lead Pokémon chases your encounter to the next Route. Go to the next route roll D6 again for which # encounter you can catch.
    *Roll 6 - You get two encounters! Catch the first two encounter you get on this route.
    8 - Roll after you battle your Rival. Roll...
    *Roll 1 - Give your Rival half your money.
    *Roll 2 - Your Partner Pokémon is injured. You cannot use this Pokémon for this fight.
    *Roll 3 - Your lowest level Pokémon is injured. Pokémon cannot use move for this fight.
    *Roll 4 - Your rival informs you that ALL of the routes until you reach the next gym are “no battling wild Pokémon allowed”. Only battle if you are trapped.
    *Roll 5 - Your rival informs you that the next towns Item Shop is closed.
    *Roll 6 - Your rival informs you that the next towns Pokecenter is closed.
    9 - Roll once you have entered the Gym! You may NOT train outside the gym once you have entered. Roll…
    *Roll 1 - This is a SET type gym. Change from switch to Set type battle.
    *Roll 2 - Your weakest Pokemon has something to prove. Lead with your lowest level Pokémon against the Gym leader.
    *Roll 3 - One of your top 3 leveled Pokémon are sick. Box for this Gym. You may retrieve after the gym has been defeated.
    *Roll 4 - Medical staff on standby. You get a revive! Can be used at ANY time during game but must be used immediately following a Pokémon fainting. You may only use one per game. If you've already used your revive and you roll this situation again all is well. No limitations or changes.
    *Roll 5 - This gym is now a NO ITEMS gym.
    *Roll 6 - You must ONLY use your Partner Pokémon in this gym.
    10 - Roll before you have battled a boss for the evil organization (Rocket, Magma...etc.). Roll…
    *Roll 1 - Partner Pokémon is captured! Roll D6 and divide by 2 for number of routes you can't use this Pokémon.
    *Roll 2 - All of your Pokémon are captured except your lowest level Pokémon for this battle. Only use the lowest level Pokémon against the Boss.
    *Roll 3 - Top Level Pokémon is injured. Discard 5 of the potions you have on hand.
    *Roll 4 - Evil organization steals all of your money! Discard all money!
    *Roll 5 - Your lowest Level Pokémon is taken and killed. Release it.
    *Roll 6 - You find a stolen Pokémon in a discarded Pokeball. You may keep one gift Pokémon, win a Pokémon (game corner) or catch one Pokémon of your choice. (Must do this immediately following boss battle win.)

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