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Thread: 4th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epic-Inferno View Post
    Okay, so I've been grinding in my HeartGold nuzlocke, and this is my team:

    (M) Quilliam Level 18
    (M) Soren Level 16
    (M) Shawn Level 16
    (M) Seiyo Level 16
    (F) Sheri Level 16
    (M) Kazuma Level 16

    Do you guys think this is a high enough level for the second gym?
    With Quilliam, Soren, and Shawn? You should be fine.


    Okay, since last time, I lost Ari to a trainer's Tangela while training to battle Whitney, then immediately captured a Nidoran male (Malik) to replace her.

    Grind grind, sweep gym, travel, catch Growlithe (Rage), grind grind, beat Vallan, head for gym.

    Missy took no damage in the gym until Morty's Gengar. Unfortunatley I had to switch Malik in so I could heal her and the little ******* killed him. ;_; I died inside.

    Goodbye my King...

    Missy avenged her Lord mightily.

    I have a question guys, I've been running around grabbing as many new pokes as possible, and I'd like to use them to fill out my last two slots as well as possible. I'm open to suggestions from the list.

    My Team right now:
    Missy- Nidorina lvl 30
    Steel- Graveler lvl 26
    Rage- Growlithe lvl 25
    Ether- Unown G lvl 25

    Possible teammates:

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    Wouldn't you wish to know?


    (Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned that I should never underestimate Mars' Purugly... So don't go underleveled, just sayin...)

    I went to Jubilife city and got the Poketch when I decided to leave for Route 204 to catch a jolly good Shinx named Dash.
    Went to Route 203 and took down Dave, and caught an amazing Kricketot named Nocturne.
    Got a HM06 from the man in the Oreburgh tunnel, and caught a Geodude (Which I won't use unless I have to)
    Caught a Zubat named Wright in the Oreburgh Cave. Also caught a Machop in Route 207.
    Battled the first Gym Leader; not gonna lie, Dryad destroyed it.
    I then went to Floaroma Town, caught a Shellos named Jenny at the Windworks and a Wurmple at the Meadow. I beat Team Galactic, but barely. I shouldn't underestimate Mars anymore. Her Purugly killed not just Wright and Skye, but Dryad too!!
    Okay, so I caught a Pachirisu in Route 205, which I won't bother with anytime soon. Despite horrible decisions and bad luck, I'm still going on and I won't give up!

    Team so far:
    Nocturne the Kricketune Lv. 16 (M)
    Dash the Luxio Lv. 15 (F)
    Jenny the Shellos Lv. 12 (F)

    Death Count: 3 (R.I.P. Champs)
    Dryad the Turtwig Lv. 5 - Lv. 17 (F)
    Skye the Starly Lv. 3 - Lv. 13 (F)
    Wright the Zubat Lv. 7 - Lv. 7 (F)

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    i went to the mines and talked to roark
    I found a geodude but i ohkoed it.
    Next i got the heart scale from that rock
    i went to the route above oreburgh i think its 207
    I caught a ponyta so i named her Pinky pie
    I healed and went into the gym.
    Chuckles beat everything but cranidos put him into red
    Went back towards jubilife and encountered barry
    i actually craped myself because i didnt heal and didnt remember i didnt have to battle him
    I trained up Pinky pie to level 12
    Then i saved in jubilife.

    Chuckles the turtwig level 16
    price the starly level 11
    Voltz the shinx level 10
    Pinky pie the ponyta level 12
    Fly slave the starly level 7

    Slave the bidoof level 3-4

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    Wouldn't you wish to know?

    Red face

    Moar progress!!

    Jenny the Shellos is actually pretty good, considering how she did against the trainers. I went into the dark forest of Eterna and caught a Buneary named Erica.
    Some grinding prior to the second Gym was done, and I have to admit, her Roserade wasn't easy to beat with my Pokemon, yet I beat Gardenia with no problems.
    I went to Route 211 and found a Meditite, I 1HKO'd it though That sucks.
    In Mt. Coronet (I'll consider the outside area and the cave as two seperate areas btw) I caught a Bronzor named Symphony.
    I travelled to the Team Galactic Building of Eterna after a moment of grinding. I faced Jupiter, and while her Skuntank was horrible, I still defeated her.
    I also got an Egg from Cynthia! Here's hoping the Togepi has Serene Grace!
    I biked down the Cycling Road, though I haven't caught any Pokemon from that area yet.
    And Dawn gave me a Vs. Seeker! Grinding just got a whole lot easier!

    My team so far:
    Nocturne the Kricketune Lv. 22 (M)
    Dash the Luxio Lv. 22 (F)
    Jenny the Shellos Lv. 22 (F)
    Symphony the Bronzor Lv.21

    Death Count: 3 (We will miss you)
    Dryad the Turtwig Lv. 5 - Lv. 17 (F)
    Skye the Starly Lv. 3 - Lv. 13 (F)
    Wright the Zubat Lv. 7 - Lv. 7 (F)

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    I restarted my HG Nuzcloke, and I'm doing a new one.

    Began my game, named SnivyTR, and went to pick my starter. I chose Menace the Totodile, and we set off to find Mr Pokemon. We found him, with a level 9 Totodile, and obtained the egg. We headed to Prof Elm, but we were stopped by some red haired boy, with a Chikorita. Unfortuantely for him, Menace wasn't in the mood for a long battle, and critted with a Scratch on the green dinosaur, and we won. We (eventually) got to Elm, delivered the egg, and started this Nuzcloke. My Rules:
    • I cannot use any bought healing items, they must be found; I can use Pokemon Centers.
    • No repeats, even if I KOed the first Pokemon on the route.
    • I can level grind.

    On route 29, we found a Pidgey. We caught her and named her Ariana. She was boxed. On Route 46, we captured Justin the Geodude! We then arrived at Cherrygrove, and headed to route 30, where we KOed a Metapod. On route 31, we struck luck, with a Bellsprout whom I named Venus. We continued on to Dark Cave, where a Zubat was 0HKOed by Menace (damn). In Violet City, I went up to Primo, and he gave me an egg! We eventually hatched it into Roland the Slugma! (NOTE: Eggs/given/traded Pokemon don't count). We also caught Shockwool the Mareep on route 32. I'm going to get everyone to level 10 before taking on Sprout Tower.

    Team as it stands:
    Menace the Totodile
    Shockwool the Mareep
    Roland the Slugma
    Venus the Bellsprout
    Justin the Geodude

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    So i chose to Start a Platinum Nuzlocke, since i cant decide which pokemon to use. Standard Rules apply: Nicknames, Death = Boxing, and No Duplicates.

    Started off with a Chimchar named Zoidberg, and a starly named Hamtaro which came to us on Route 201. After, being told im stupid and being taught to caught pokemon for the 100th time, route 202 brought me a Bidoof named Stubby. After meeting Looker the Detective, i went and healed than it was up to route 204 for another pokemon. Enter Droxi the Budew with Nature Cure and a poison Barb X_x. Ravaged Path then Brought me Skylar the Zubat. After training everyone to level 8, we headed to the trainers school for a free potion. After handing "Sunny" his Town map, we got stopped my some dude and got given a Watch. Beat Sunny on Route 203 and caught no pokemon as all i found were Bidoof and Starlys, Saved just outside Oreburgh Gate for the night.

    Edit: Caught a Psyduck named Dorita in Oreburgh Gate and a Geodude named Rustor in Route 207. Also replaced Skylar with Rustor as skylar kept missing every other attack in every battle.

    Zoidberg lvl 12
    Stubby lvl 11
    Dorita lvl 11
    Hamtaro lvl 11
    Droxi lvl 11
    Rustor lvl 11
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    It has been a while so I made a lot of progress.
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    Time to update again.

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    Hey all! I'm starting a Diamond Nuzlocke today! I'm randomly starting with Turtwig and using the following rules:
    -The usual, must catch only first Pokemon encountered on every route
    -If Pokemon faints, it is considered dead
    -Cannot 'save' in order to redo a Gym Leader battle. If I 'black out', I must go to the nearest route and catch the first Pokemon encountered, and can only use that Pokemon to re-do the Gym Leader battle.
    I'm new to the forums, and actually just created an account to post about my Nuzlocke, simply because it sounded like fun! So if I'm in any way mis-using the forum, or going against the rules, please lemme now. Otherwise, I'll be posting regularly!
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    started a heartgold nuzlocke. fought whitney with all lv 21 croconaw(Jaws), Pidgeotto(Ace), Skiploom(Leapweed), and Drowzee(Stoner). I beat the clefairy easily, then came that beast known as miltank. 2 scary faces from Jaws, Sleep Powder and U-turn from Leapweed, 4 Meditates and spamming of headbutt from Stoner and BAM!!! I defeated whitney LIKE A BOSS nobody even fainted. Thats what i call a miracle lol Oh yea, and from now on, i will keep a log of my adventure, so tune into this thread for more action.
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    I'm thinking of doing a nuzlocke on diamond, at least once done with the game already in progress.
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    I can offer just about every breedable pokemon from gen 1-4.

    Legendaries I have to trade: (shiny)

    Heartgold Team:

    My Legendaries:

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    So my last post was many moons and pages ago, since my Platinum Nuzlocke has been put on hold because my cousin challenged me to a monotype battle, so I'm currently training for that on my B/W. Just wanted you guys to know that I haven't forgotten about you; I'm still reading your updates and vicariously enjoying your adventures! Hopefully I'll be able to post more progress soon!

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    Well hey guys,I recently decided I'd do a Nuzlocke challenge on my Pearl.Not adding any extra rules since this is my first Nuzlocke.

    So I've started the game with Eon the Chimchar.I trained Eon up to level 7.Then after receiving my Poke Balls I saw a Shinx which I was going to catch but I ended up knocking it out Instead I caught a Bidoof (boxed).Throughout the Nuzlocke you may see a pattern in the nicknames I give my pokemon.


    I battled all the trainers on the way to Jublife City,and won.Once there,right away I got an Old Rod and fished for a Magikarp.I caught one (boxed for now),and went to Ravaged Cave to catch something.I enede up catching a Psyduck.I later battled my rival and won in a pretty tight battle.I caught myself a Shinx and saved.

    I noticed I haven't nicknamed some of my pokemon,but I will nickname them and update again.

    The Team

    • Ember
    • Scratch
    • Leer
    • Taunt


    • None


    • Magikarp Lv5
    • Shinx Lv4
    • Bidoof Lv3
    • Starly Lv4
    • Psyduck Lv5
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    finally got back to platinum after being distracted by Dragon quest games.

    Started off by having Droxi pretty much destroy everyone in oreburgh. With Droxi at level 15, we left towards Eterna and ran into lucas and the professor. after facing tram plasma, Stubby was given the rock smash tm and we were on our way. Valley Windworks brought Slugger the Shellos. After bringing Slugger upto the rest of my team and evolving Zoidberg, we faced mars. Somehow we managed to face her with no deaths, though it did take 5 potions to do so. Skip ahead to eterna forest and i catch wubbit the bunery to replace Stubby on my team. unfortunately, Rustor got taken out by a trainers Pachirisu and its bide. Decided to ignore it however, since cheryl heals your pokemon after every battle. meanwhile, Hamtaro evolved to some random budew after that trainer battle. After making it to eterna, i went and caught pohcam the machop and sonic the Meditite before saving for awhile.

    Zoidberg lvl 18
    Wubbit lvl 11
    slugger lvl 17
    Hamtaro lvl 17
    Droxi lvl 16
    Rustor lvl 17
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    Hello! I have started a Nuzlocke, myself. The name's Mist and I am Nuzlockeing Platinum.
    The Rules of my nuzlocke is this:
    1,2,3) The normal 3 rules
    4) no rare candies!
    5) I have to defeat the legendaries!
    -PS, in places like Eterna Forest, where I have double battles first off, I am taking the pokemon on the left side.
    So I start off with Sakura the Hasty Turtwig. We battle our rival Barry and we do all that happy stuff. And, with the start being finished, I catch my first pokemon, Bebe the Lonely Bidoof (Lv. 3 female). I really didn't want to use a Bidoof, though I really love Bidoof as a Pokemon (Yep), so she is boxed...or will be. I go to the next route and I catch Sirius the Adamant Shinx (Lv. 4 male). Sirius is named after my favorite character off of Harry Potter. Sirius is now part of my team! And then, after training a lot, I went to the next town (bla bla bla) and up the route I catch StarWing the Naive Starly (Lv. 5 female). I am happy with my catch and head up to the Ravaged Path, and I catch Zuu the Mild Zubat (Lv. 5 female).... Boxed.
    After the second battle, I killed a second Bidoof...opps...and battle some trainers and head to Oreburgh Gate, and caught Kry the Bold Psyduck (Lv. 5 female)...I am still wundering if I want to use her. I don't think I will be.
    After battling all the trainers in the 'gate', I head up to route 207 and catch Korn the Impish Machop (Lv 7 male). I put him in my team, remembering Manlyn in my first try (R.I.P. Manlyn), and head off to the Mine, where I catch Mohove(don't ask O,o) the Brave Geodude. (Lv 4 male).... Boxed.
    So, now with that over with, I am up to date. (I will most likely writing most of this WHILE I play). I am now heading off to fight Roark...after a level grind.
    Team Before Grinding:
    -Sakura Level 12 (f)
    -Sirius Level 12 (m)
    -StarWing Level 12 (f)
    -Korn Level 12 (m)

    See you after Level Grinding! =D
    ---After Grinding---
    I am sick of Zubats...
    Well, now Sakura is level 14 while Korn is 13. I feel like I can beat Roark.
    The battle starts with Korn and Geodude.
    -Korn uses Karate Chop. Puts in yellow. Geodude uses Rock Thow, and does really nothing.
    -Korn uses Karate Chop again,and kills Geodude.
    -Roark sends out Cranidos, I send Sakura.
    -Cranidos uses Headbutt; Sakura is in low green, Sakura flinches.
    -Quick Claw! Sakura uses Razor Leaf; low yellow. Cranidos uses Headbutt. Sakura is in low Yellow.
    -I heal Sakura with a potion, binging her back to high does Roark.
    -Cranidos uses Headbutt, sending Sakura to low yellow. Sakura uses Razor Leaf, kills Cranidos. (Thank-gosh)
    -Roark sends out Onix, I send CKrn.
    -Onix uses...Stealth Rock.... Korn uses Karate Chop; Onix is in low green.
    -Onix uses rock thow, does really nothing. Korn uses Karate Chop; Onix is very low yellow.
    -Onix uses rock thow, and again, does nothing. Korn uses Karate Chox, killing Onix. Korn grows to level 14.
    That was crazy. I was worried Cranidos was going to kill my starter. But, he didn't.
    So, off I go to back to Jubilife City and fight the two morons.
    On the road back: Sirius grew to level 13.
    and the two grunt battle:
    Sirius almost DIES by the stupid Glanmeow's Fury Swipes hit 5 times!
    And Sirius grew to level 14! =D
    So I head up to Floaroma Town...and do all that stuff.
    On the way up: StarWing grew to level 13 then 14...which means! - ! =D StarWing Evolves! Sakura grew to level 15...and I make it to Floaroma Town. And I hold my catch for Vally Windworks for Drifloon....Sirius grew to level 15...which means! - ! =D Sirius Evolves! Korn grew to level 15...and I am worred!
    I am going to battle Mars...and I feel scared...
    So the battle starts with Sirius and Zubat.
    -Intimidate lowsers Zubat's attack!
    -Sirius uses spark; OHKO.
    -Mars sends out Purugly...I send out Korn.
    -Purugly uses Fake Out...Korn flinches.
    -Purugly uses Scrach; brings Corn to low yollow. Korn uses Karate Chop. Crit, OHKO...ok...xD Korn grew to level 16, almost 17. Yep. I was scared for nothing! I do that often.
    So, after Looker does his stuff and I heal, I head off to route 205 to catch my next pokemon...Onus the Hasty Shellos.
    So, I am trying to get out, and a trainer (Trainer Jacob) sees me...StarWing vs Ponyta. StarWing uses Wing Attack...Ponyta uses Ember...

    R.I.P. StarWing the Staravia. Level 5 to Level 14.
    May the Stars guide you up to Pokemon havan, and I hope that your Spirit will watch over us.
    Sirius grew to level 16 in this fight.

    I will go up the route now, battling, training. If anything comes up, I'll say what.
    Sakura Level 15 (f)
    Sirius Level 16 (m)
    Korn Level 16 (m)

    StarWing Lv 5 to 14
    Crit on Trainer Jacob's Ponyta's Ember

    (Sorry for the long post, I don't know how to do the Spoiler hide thing...)
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    So, Last night was very sad for me, morning the loss of StarWing, but I had to keep going! So, I battled all the trainers, and everyone grew more levels...and, my baby evoled! (Sakura) And I go into Eterna Forest. My Pokemon...Eyzlryb the Adamant Hoothoot (Level 12 male). Eyzlryb's name comes from my favorite character in Guardians of Ga'Hoole. So, I train him up in the Forest ("Imfumus Healing Mother 'Beep'!" Slowflake ref), and...Eyzlryb evoles as well!
    I make it to the city...and forget that I splattered honey on the tree (and that it's friday). So, I head back to Floaroma Meadow and catch FluterBeat the Quirky Wurmple (Level 10 female) and head to Valley Windworks to catch Drift the Sassy Drifloon (Level 15 male) [both boxed].
    Back Eterna City, I am happy to say, I have a plan for this gym...I head to the next route to catch Olympic the Bold Bronzor (Level 14) and in the cave next to said route to catch Manlyn Jr the Hasty Machop (Level 16 female) {R.I.P. Manlyn 5-24 died from a Random Geodude selfdistructing} [Both Boxed].
    So, before the gym, here is my team:
    Sakura Level 20 (f) [holding a quick claw]
    Sirus Level 20 (m)
    Korn Level 20 (m)
    Eyzlryb Level 22 (m) [holding a pecha berry]
    and I talk to Gardenia!
    The battle starts with Eyzlryb and Turtwig.
    -Eyzlryb uses peck, does really nothing. Turtwig uses refelct.
    -Eyzlryb uses Confusion; Sends him down to mid yellow. Turtwig uses Sunny ay (crud!)
    -Eyzlryb (again) uses confusion; Brings turtwig to red. Turtwig uses razor leaf. Does NOTHING!
    -Gardenia heals. Eyzlryb uses (AGAIN) cnfusion; sends turtwig to mid green.
    -Eyzlryb uses peck; yellow. Turtwig uses razor leaf...nothing.
    -Peck-red-razor leaf-nothing xD
    -Peck, and turtwig is dead.
    Cherrim and Eyzlryb! (Sunny Day is worn out xDD)
    -Cherrim uses Magical Leaf, bringing Eyz(for short) to yellow. Eyz uses Peck; nothing really.
    -Cherrim uses leach seed; Eyz uses peck. Low green for Cherrim.
    -I use a Super Posion. Cherrim uses safegard(sp)
    -Cherrim uses Grass knot...Peck...
    -Magical Leaf...Peck (very low yellow, but I am also in mid yellow)
    -Magical Leaf...Peck (Cherrim is in low yellow and Elz is in Very low {almost red} yellow)
    -I use a super posion. Cherrim uses Grass Knot.
    -Cherrim uses safegard, Peck (both in yellow)
    -Grass knot...Peck. Cherrim is in very low yellow, and so is Eyz.
    -Gardenia heals. And peck (does nothing)...Eyz is in red (remember Leach Seed)
    -I heal again, and Cherrim uses Grass Knot.
    -Cherrim uses Magical Leaf. Elz uses Hypnosis...I forgot the safegard.
    -I heal again (This is going no where)...and Cherrim uses Magical Leaf.
    -I switch to Sirius. Cherrim's attack was lowered. Cherrim uses Gras Knot...low Green.
    -Cherrim uses Safegard. Sirius uses Bite...does nothing (dang!)
    -I switch back to Eyzlryb. Cherrim uses magical leaf.
    -Leech Seeded me, darnit! And I used peck.
    -Magical Leaf and Peck.
    -switch to Sakura...Grass Knot...
    -I heal...And she safegards.
    -Grass Knot...Tackle
    -Grass Knot...Tackle
    -Grass Knot...Tackle misses.
    -I switch back...Grass Knot
    -Safegard went down, so use Hypnosis...but she uses stupid Safegard! (god this woman!!!)
    -Gass Knot and Peck KILLS THIS THING! (Sirius grew to level 21)
    Roserade and Eyzlryb
    -Stun Spore...Paralyzed (figures)
    -Grass Knot...Paralyzd (Come on!)
    -Grass Knot...Peck (low green)
    -I heal...grass knot
    -Magical Leaf...Peck (low yellow...but...sitrus Berry hits -_-)
    -Magical Leaf...crit...Peck...very low yellow.
    -Grass knot (I though She would heal) Hypnosis...misses.
    -I heal...Magical Leaf.
    -Grass Knot...Peck...crit...died.
    I get my next badge...I hate this woman!

    Ya...and this was typed 'live'. I hate this woman!
    Now I have to battle Saturn...I'll wait till later...
    Also, by the way...I will not do that (the telling of the battle) AGAIN! It's to crazy!
    See ya
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    After a day at the Prerelease, I got back to playing this. Here is what happened.

    I repeled in the Old Chateau to get ElecSpirit the Docile Rotom (Level 20) [boxed]. I kill Jupiter, and I hatched the egg Cynthia gives you to get Looloko the Jolly male Togepi [boxed]. I go underground to get Mental the Bold male Shieldon (level 20), and put the Exp Share on him (For the exploders). I go down and catch Genter the Lonely female Gligar (level 16) on route 206, and inside the Wayward Cave (I kid you not) Jaws the Impish female Gible (level 17). Yep, I ran into a Gible, not a Geodude...and I box her. as I go down to hearthome, I kill some pokemon...ops...and I get into a battle with William. Mental fights the Bonsly. Mental uses Earthquake (I got the TM in Wayward Cave)... Bonsly uses Low Kick...and kills Mental.
    Mental the Shieldon Level 20 to level 24
    I hope your Spirit will defend us

    So I get to Hearthome and grab Nakoo the Impish male Eevee (male). It hurts me, because Eevee is my favorite Pokemon...boxed him. So, I fight Fantina...and I hate her to. xD Way to long of a fight! Eyzlryb finished off her Mismagius, while Sirius delt with Haunter and Sakura delt with Duskull.
    I diside to stop morning the loss of Mental, and I grab Olympic the Bronzor from the PC, and put the exp share on
    On to Barry...and I kill him...and I catch Mo the Modest male Bibarel (level 19) [hm slave], StrayWing the Quiet male Staravia (lv18) (R.I.P. StarWing =,<) on route 209, and Nemma the Lax female Gastly (lv 21) in the Lost Tower. (both boxed) {I am thinging on taking Nemma out...maybe...for my last team member}
    I didn't catch an Unown, I don't like them, and I head up to the next town. I catched Langstn the Serious male Marrill (Langston is named after my favorite character in Viva Pinata) (level 20) [boxed] on route 215, and Amaterasu the Docile female Houndour (Amaterasu is named after the wolf in my most favorite game, Okami) (level 23) [boxed] on route 214, Buby the Gentle female Bibarel (level 25) on Valor Lakefront [boxed], ShuuWa the Naive male Shellos (lv 25) [boxed] on route 212, and in the 3 out of the 6 areas in the Great Marsh, I cought Quag the Quirky male Quagsire (lv 28), Yams the Modest male Yanma (lv 26) and ToxicToad the Serious male Croagunk (lv 28) {That's all my caught so far}.
    Now, I super trainered so all my pokemon evolved and now everyone is level 33. So, I think I am fine to fight Maylene...and I almost lost my Eyzlryb!
    So I help Lucas and I get fly!

    After some LOOOOONG thinking, and looking at the elete four people...I have disided to take my last team member from the box. Nemma.
    So I head to Wake...and I am a little scared...oh, my! Barry is waiting...I knew this was coming...and I didn't lose anyone. =D
    So now going in the Pastoria gym, with this team:
    Sakura level 33
    Sirius level 33
    Korn level 33
    Eyzlryb level 35
    Olympic level 33
    Nemma leve 22 (training)
    And after all the trainers
    Sirius level 35
    Nemma level 25
    I am VERY nurvus about this battle. but here we go!
    Quickest fight...straingly. xD So, I am very happy! =D
    Well, I'll stop right now. I have been posting alot. 0,0 sorry about this, I am a quick player. I am going to level up everyone till they are over their 40s in the Iron Island and where ever I can train...Oh my, I am pushing it.
    Well, I'll see you all when I am done with my mass training! (If anymore dies, I'll tell you guys)

        Spoiler:- Team::

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    Ft.Lewis, WA

    Default Broke a rule...for good reason

    Before I update my Nuzlocke challenge lemme just say...I joked about this before I started the challenge, I did, I really did...but I never thought it would actually happen. Was training on Route 207 for the Gym Leader Battle against Roark...when I ran into a shiny...not even kidding...I was like UHFINFJORWBFUOWNFO. The only downer about this, is that it was a shiny Geodude...and I actually already have one that I caught in my FireRed game YEARS ago (and still have on the same file~ ) I now have two shinies...of the SAME POKEMON XD I'm not complaining! But hey! So, I broke one of the main Nuzlocke rules...but I think everyone will agree that it was a good exception! Besides, it's boxed, and I will not use it just for that reason~
    Now...onward with the update!
    -Caught Bidoof named Bucky on Route 201
    -Caught Shinx named Tess on Route 202
    -Tess died from a trainer before Oreburgh Gate ):
    R.I.P Tess the Shinx Lv. 4-8
    -Caught Zubat named Keller in Oreburgh Gate
    -Caught Machop named Rae on Route 207
    -Grinded my team a bit before Rourk and Rae mostly swept the field : )
    -Headed on up to Floaroma Town, caught no Pokemon along the way. First Pokemon was a Bidoof ): Which I already have OTL
    -Reached Floaroma and defeated all of Team Galactic from Windworks without losing a teammate : ) Waiting to catch Drifloon from Windworks on Friday~~
    -Caught a Shellos I named Merlo on Route 205
    -Leveled up my team a bit before heading through Eterna Forest
    -Bucky evolved~!
    -Caught a Buneary named Kurt in Eterna Forest (This was a close call, Cheryl's Chancey almost KO'd it ; .; )
    -Accidentally had Merlo in front slot during one of the Eterna Forest double battles, thought she could stick it out, and was very close to making it through. But she was lost from a critical hit ):
    R.I.P Merlo the Shellos Lv.9-12
    -Currently leveling up my whole team to the mid-20's area before going on any further
    *Current Team*
    Keller Lv.16
    Rae Lv.18
    Bucky Lv.15
    Terra Lv.15
    Kurt Lv.16
    Yep, lots of grinding to do! But it'll be worth it to keep these guys alive! Will update soon! : )

    Tess Lv.4-8
    Merlo Lv.9-12

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    Congrats on the Shiny, Milotic...but sorry about your loss. *hugs*
    Coming from someone who played a Diamond Nuzlocke till I lost the file, train Keller over 22 and Rae over 20. Gardenia's Roserade is level 22, and Jupiter's Skuntank is level 20.

    Also, an update with me!
    I had forgotten that there was much more to do before the Iron Island. I will train, then after the Island, I'll update. At the mean time, I am now doing a side Nuzlocke. LeafGreen. =3

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    I finally picked this back up. My apologies.

    So I raised a few of my Pokemon's levels before heading back to Oldale Town and getting Rowan's consent to head to Sunshore City. I flew to Pastoria and explored a little thanks to Rock Climb. Then I headed onto Route 222 and captured an Electabuzz (Spike). I flew back to Pastoria to check on Spike only to learn that it is Modest. I guess if I have to use it I will be leaving it as an Electabuzz. Oh well. I went back to the Resort area and took a break before returning to Route 222.

    Chimney Lv50
    Quailoss Lv48
    Leonidas Lv50
    Flotate Lv48
    Skippy Lv48
    Sith Lv48
    Current Yellow Team

    Location: Pokemon League
    Badges: 8

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    I just started a HG Nuzlocke, its my first nuzlocke AND my first time playing this version (But i've played the original Gold version). Hope it'll go well :P.

    My team :

    Katon Lv.5

    Dead :

    None for now

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    Coming fresh off of my recent White Nuzlocke challenge, today I started a Nuzlocke of Soulsilver. This will be my fourth overall Nuzlocke after Leafgreen, Pearl, and White. They've been getting increasingly more fun (and sad), so I figure this will be the best one yet! Here are the rules:

    - If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be boxed permanently.
    - Only the first Pokemon in each area can be captured. If I kill it or plain don't want to catch it, too bad.
    - I won't have a no duplicate rule, though I probably won't catch or use duplicates unless the first is killed and I find a second.
    - If a Shiny appears, the rules are null and void.
    - No legendaries.

    And now . . . it begins!

    Day 1: May 17, 2012

    - The place is New Bark Town. The time is twilight. The barometric pressure is - PROFESSOR OAK! GTFO MY ROOM!
    - My mother gives me my Bag, some Options, and Saving equipment. Not sure how that makes sense, but whatever.
    - Why can't all the professors be as straight forward as Elm? I walk in, I get a Pokemon, I walk out. I picked Totodile. Welcome to the team, Louis! I love him already.
    - Just a Red-Head Standing Outside the Lab. Nothing Suspicious About Him. No Need to be Alarmed.
    - Time to go to Mr. Pokemon's house. That means only one thing . . . LEVEL GRINDING (already)!
    - I meet Mr. Pokemon and Professor Oak and return to New Bark. But in Cherrygrove, I run into that weird non-suspicious red-head again . . . and he stole the funny girly Grass-type. (Just kidding, I love you Chikorita!) Naturally, I kicked his butt with Louis, now Lv. 9.
    - I returned to New Bark long enough to get my Pokedex, grab some Balls, and leave. Lyra went through some pointless capture demo for me, though I have to give her points for effort.
    - Finally time for my own capture on Route 29. Despite the low appearance rate, I actually found a Rattata . . . which Louis killed with a critical-hit Scratch. Thanks, bro. That's a great way to start a Nuzlocke.
    - But my luck would still change. I went up to Route 46 to try to catch a Pokemon there and managed to snag a totally awesome Geodude. His name is Danno.
    - Next up, Route 30. I added yet another member to my team: A Pidgey named Ace. He's awesome too. My whole team is awesome!
    - I suppose I went a little overboard training because my entire team was Lv. 9 before I even took on Youngster Joey and his top-percentage Rattata.
    - I went ahead and tried my luck at a new Pokemon in Dark Cave, but all I got was a Geodude. My luck was no better at Route 31, where I just found another Pidgey.
    - I went straight through Violet City and down to Route 32 to try one more time for a new Pokemon. I finally got lucky this time and caught a Bellsprout. Her name is Janice.
    - I think I broke a record while training Janice in Dark Cave: I found a Dunsparce before I saw a single Zubat.
    - My next training spot was Sprout Tower. Ace went up four whole levels there. I also caught another new team member, a Rattata named Stanley.
    - I finally decided to take on the Gym. Danno breezed through the trainers and Falkner with contemptuous ease, getting me my first badge of Johto.
    - I picked up the Egg from Elm's Aide in the Poke Mart before setting out once more to Route 32.

    Louis Lv. 12 - Water Gun, Rage, Leer, Scratch
    Danno Lv. 13 - Rock Throw, Tackle, Defense Curl, Rock Polish
    Ace Lv. 13 - Quick Attack, Gust, Sand-attack, Tackle
    Janice Lv. 10 - Vine Whip, Growth
    Stanley Lv. 8 - Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Focus Energy, Tackle
    Mystery Egg (as if it's any mystery what's inside)

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    well, i decided to put my Platinum Nuzlocke on hold while i go for nuzlocking all the region's in order. Might restart Platinum once i get to Sinnoh, but i got bored of it anyway so the break might help me get back into it.

    I did manage to beat Eterna Gym, before i put this Nuzlocke on break though. im currently saved in the Galactic Base with no pokemon lost for when i return.
    "Lillie" Around the PokeWorld

    Black: Badges: 1

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    Like Pikasaur, I will be holding my Nuzlocke of Platinum till later. I am doing LeafGreen at the moment.
    It's just, Sinnoh is my least favorite of all the Pokemon's hard for me to play it. Good thing it's number 4 and not 3 or 2.

    So, See ya all when I get back to Platinum. =3

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