As soon as I got Surf, I gave it to Toby, and I flew to Driftveil City. There, I went in the water... and a female Frillish popped up. I throw an Ultra Ball, and I got my new team member, Hannah, on my first try. I slapped the exp. share on her, and flew to Accumula Town. I walked down Route 1, and surfed to land. There I battled a trainer, and walked through the grass to get some exp. A Pokemon I wasn't expecting came out... and I squealed. I am pretty sure everyone on my floor could hear me. Why? Because....

A Scraggy appeared. A Scraggy! I had no idea that they were on this Route, and I wanted it SOOOO badly. I sent out Niles, and didn't plan to attack it at all. Instead, I just kept chucking Pokeballs. However, she proved much harder to get then I thought. She kept escaping, and she was 7 levels below my Pokemon, but she almost SWEPT my entire team! I finally captured her with 3 hp on Lucy, 10 on Niles, 15 on Molly, and 12 on Toby. I am not kidding! Anyways...

Welcome to the team Leah!

After I calmed down from all the excitement, I continued surfing. I came upon some new land, and I defeated some trainers. I ended up at a rest house, and I saved right after I received a mysterious egg.

Current Team:

Molly Lvl 43
Toby Lvl 41
Niles Lvl 41
Lucy Lvl 41
Leah Lvl 35
Hannah Lvl 28