So it really has been quite a while since I last updated everyone, but here goes:

> Did Roxie's gym, no losses (Woop)!
> Gathered more members for my team, actually hitting eight in rotation at one point!
> Beat Burgh in his cocoons
> Defeated Plasma (Twice)
> Lost a mon out on Route 4. And then in Desert Resort too
> Lost one more in Nimbasa to Ingo and Emmet, currently training for Elesa's gym

I would tell you who each member of my team dying was... but that would stop you from watching my series on youtube! Aha!

So reread the rules of Serebii, and from now on the link to my channel will only be in my description rather than anywhere else. I hope you tune in!

Note: Black 2 Nuzlocke is a weekly series airing on Tuesdays.