1st/2nd Gen 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' Challenge Thread!

Games in this gen: Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal

What is...this Challenge?

This is essentially for all those challenges that do not come under Scramble, Monotype or Nuzlocke Challenges. You can decide on the restrictions you have on yourself (say if you want to go with a specific theme of Pokemon or no TMs, or a one-Pokemon-only run, or so forth).

You can also decide if you choose the Pokemon yourself or if someone else chooses the Pokemon for you.

  • Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting.
  • Please specify all the restrictions you are placing on yourself in this challenge in the first post, and also in any other posts should you require more Pokemon to be chosen for you by other members.
  • You may either use Pokemon you have chosen yourself or Pokemon chosen for you by other people.
  • If your challenge comes under the Monotype/Scramble/Nuzlocke threads, please use those threads, not this one! This includes challenges where your one is essentially a Scramble challenge with one or two small restrictions.