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Thread: 3rd Gen 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' Challenge Thread!

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    thats some team so i have
    1) Lotad, that must solo Roxanne to evolve, and must evolve as soon as you find a water stone
    2)Shroomish called Musher. It must keep any one of the three powders (Poison, Stun, Sleep) forever. It must solo Wattson's steel types to evolve. It must always keep a Grass type and Fighting type move
    3) Torchic aka Pollito . It must solo Brawly using Peck to evolve into Combusken, and defeat 15 Sharpedos fished in Mossdeep City to evolve into Blaziken.
    4) Slugma.It must survive a Magnitude from Flannery's Numel before evolving.It must always have Harden.
    5) Aron. It can evolve freely into Lairon, but must survive a STAB Earthquake from a Pokemon of a higher level before evolving into Aggron. It must also have Rock Head and know one recoil move at all times.
    6 )Skarmory. It must use Steel Wing to raise it's defense 6 times before it can learn Fly. At least 2 of those times have to be in the same battle.
    some really creative restrictions here to go with a creative challenge nice ill let you all know how i get on.

    just a quick update ill do this in list form to save time

    started and got my torchic and gave it the requested nickname Pollito
    proceeded to beat may
    after receiving my pokedex and pokeballs i went along route 102 where i spent 5 minutes searching for my lotad as no nickname was requested i named him Virtue
    spent some time getting both Pollito and Virtue up to level 10
    then entered Petalburg City and went to see Norman got interrupted by Wally after catching his ralts i set off
    upon arriving in petalburg woods i proceeded to look for Musher the Shroomish after catching him i went back to battle the trainers i skipped to catch him up to his team mates
    i then thrashed the team aqua grunt and went along to rustboro city
    upon arriving i decided for virtue's evolution restriction to deposit Pollito and Musher and grind
    after getting to what i considered a decent level i challenged roxanne with only Virtue with me and narrowly beat her as nospass took a beating
    after the battle Virtue was gonna evolve but i decided to wait until after Pollito can evolve
    went outside to witness a mugging and after picking up the rest of my team decided to help to find the same grunt from earlier and beat just as easily
    after returning i was asked to deliver them as well as a letter and after leaving the building had the match call tutorial as i went to leave rustboro i noticed May who i then battle and defeated
    i went to see Mr Briney to seek passage to Dewford he was only to happy to help

    and thats as far as ive got so far and my team looks alittle something like this

    Virtue lv 17
    nature power

    Pollito lv 16
    focus energy

    Musher lv 14
    stun spore
    leech seed
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