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Thread: 4th Gen 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' Challenge Thread!

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    Okay...How about in both sets Umbreon must keep Shadow Ball or Toxic?One move that is garunteed each time.Are you going up to Red?

    Numel > Flareon. I LOVE NUMEL.It's at Ilex Forest, btw.PERFECT TIMING.

    Chosen Team

    - Chimp - Must solo Roark's Cranidos to evolve, and defeat ten pokemon it is super effective(NATURALLY) against with non super effective moves to evolve again.Special move is Mach Punch.
    - Firefox - Hates blue and the water type, so must solo Wake's Floatzel and everything on the water route between Sunnyshore and Victory Road.Deems self quicker than anything blue, so she must keep Quick Attack throughout the game. Can evolve whenever.Special move is Fire Blast.
    - Slugo - Must have failed to get frozen and solo Gardenia's Roserade to evolve. Special move is Lava Plume.
    - Houndbound - Must be captured in a Luxury Ball at Valor Lakefront at night.Must solo Bryon's Bastoidon without Fire Type moves to evolve.Special move is Embargo.
    - Rarity - Verry snobbish and prideful of its speed, it must always know Agility and solo Fantina's Mismagius to evolve.Special move is Agility.
    - Volcamel - Can never forget Amnesia, and must learn Earthquake to evolve.Must solo Volkner's Evectvire at any given time without using ground moves.Special move is Earthquake.

    EDIT; Okay!Heh, I was thinking about Earthquake...
    'Hey!Type advantage!*trollface*'
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