Victory, I'm very sorry, and I realise you were before Epic-Inferno, and I know they said to take yours, but I need a Flyer, which Swellow can do and Audino Can't >_< So, I'll accept Inferno's over your's, sorry!

- Lilipup (anmlivbcme)
- Sawk (Kungfuight)(Speed raising nature)
-Torkoal (Nickelback)(No STAB moves, must know Shell Smash. Solo four Water Types before being used in major battles)
- Jynx (UglyGaga)(must know Perish Song)
- Lapras (Teardrop)(Must know Waterfall, everytime it rains use Waterfall until it stops)
- Swellow (Soul)(Participate in every battle against an Electric type)

This is great, and should be very interesting as I've never used any of these Pokémon before! Thanks to everyone who suggested, and I'll start some time next week.