//sighs in relief
Now I need a Fly & Surf slave.

Lemon the Emogla - All of its moves must be of a different type, and they can only be from its development. Therefore, no TMs or tutor moves. If I catch it and it has moves that share a type, I must replace that move with a different type when it tries to learn it. It must also have at least one non-damaging move.

Regal Leaf the Snivy - Must always know Leech Seed & Giga Drain, Must solo Castelia's Battle Company to evolve once, and Colress & Rood to evolve again.

Stormy the Lapras - Must be caught in a Premier Ball.Must solo 5 trainers to learn TM/HM moves.

Lunar Sky the Umbreon - Must solo the whole of the Castelia gym to evolve.Also must be Lv. 30 when evolving.

Jagger the Drilbur - Must solo Elesa's Zebstrika and Clay's gym(Everything NOT labeled Excadrill) to evolve.

Mio the Venipede - Must solo Roxie's Whirlipede to evolve once, and evolve again after soloing Nimbasa's Domes.

Will start tomorrow!