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Thread: 5th Gen 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' Challenge Thread!

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    Not entirely sure if this belongs here... Tell me if it doesn't.

    I have begun an N challenge on Black version.
    I will not document my progress. (I have learned from my mistakes)

    My rules are:
    I must release my team after every gym battle (Excepting my starter)
    I can only catch pokemon from one route or area. (Excepting duplicates)
    I can only catch 2/3rds of pokemon on a route
    I cannot level my pokemon beyond the level of the next gym leader's strongest pokemon (Level 23, for example)
    I cannot nickname my pokemon (But I only do that for Monotype and Nuzlocke challenges anyway)
    I must have either Reshiram or Zekrom on my team, but I cannot use it in battle until I pass Dragonspiral Tower. (I had a spare Zekrom in B2, so I chose that.)
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    Default Mario Scramble Challenge

    This is basically a scramble challenge, but with an added set of rules, based on the popular game Super Mario. I'm playing Black 2.

    1.All Pokemon have 4 lives. After they faint 4 times, they must be released or boxed permanently.
    2.Only these types can be used: Normal, Fire, Water, Flying, Steel, Ice, Bug, and Ghost.
    3.You don't choose the moveset, that's my decision.
    4.No useless Pokemon.


    Credit to FairyWitch and Astral Shadow for the buttons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RelaxedBreeder View Post
    This can actually work with any Generation!I thought I just might put it here.
    The Pokemon Grunt Challenge!
    Here are the rules:
    -You may only use Pokemon used by the Grunts in the game you are playing and you must immediately release the starter once a Pokemon is caught.
    -If a Pokemon faints it is considered weak and useless and must be released. (This starts after the Pokemon reaches Lv.5)
    -You may catch multiple of the same Pokemon and as many as you want as long as it fits in the above categories.
    -Pokemon used by Grunts in the Anime/Manga series that are not used in the game do not count.
    -If you lose a battle to a Trainer that player is considered the Hero and you have lost and must restart the game.(If you can handle it!)
    Are you allowed to evolve?
    Yo, fellow Poke' lovers! My favorite is Feraligatr, but I love most pokemon. I've lots of pokemon hatched/caught, are willing to trade some.

    LOOKING FOR LEGIT SHINY SEVIPER AND LINOONE! Can breed a lot of pokemon, I have POKERUS, PM me if you are willing to trade.

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    GenerationThird - Are you taking suggestions? If you are, get yourself a Drifblim from Reversal Mountain. It must defeat all the trainers of a route of your choice to learn any TMs or HMs.

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    GenerationThird, take an Audino, no restrictions.

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    GenerationThird, for your Water type take a Panpour from Lostlorn Forest. It's not too hard to find and is an excellent Pokémon, actually!- It must have beaten Clay's Excadrill to use any moves that are not STAB, or Water type moves. If you feel this is too hard, you can have no restrictions.
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    I created a nice challenge
    Utopia Challenge (Need better name, suggestions?
    Can't use your starter
    No legendaries or pseudolegendaries
    Can only catch first pokemon you encounter from each route and no event pokemon
    Can only battle trainers for EXP
    If a pokemon faints twice, release it
    You die in battle, you must release all but one pokemon
    -Good Luck.
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    Oh, and if you decide to try it, could you possibly please make video series of it and PM me the link to it? I wanna get it popular, just really wanna see it work... Its fun to, ive done it.
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    Hey, I need a cool Medieval Pokémon design. If you got something, PM me with it and I’ll be happy to look at it. I can't find anything

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    GenerationThird, have a Klink, it can only evolve when it solos a gym.
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    I have a new challenge I've been doing for B2W2. This challenge is designed to extend the experience before defeating the Elite Four. It's called a Monotype Cycle Challenge. This challenge requires you to build monotype teams for every gym and Team Plasma's ultimate disbandment (Defeating Ghetsis). Once Ghetsis is defeated, choose 6 pokemon from 6 of your 9 teams and use them for Victory Road and the Elite Four. The rules are listed below:

    1- Pokemon must be caught for future teams by your current team.
    2- Pokemon can be used for two teams if they have both types. (Ex. Whirlipede- Bug Mono Team & Poison Mono Team)
    3- You must have at least 1 pokemon for your next team after defeating the gym. Otherwise, game over. Must use next type immediately after the gym.
    4- Pokemon cannot be trained for future teams, nor can pokemon be trained from previous teams until Ghetsis has been defeated.
    5- Types for teams must not be supereffective against the gym.
    6- Types must be chosen before getting started.
    7- Challenge Mode is recommended.

    My first run was with Water- Oshawott, Psyduck; Bug- Swadloon, Whirlipede; Poison- Whirlipede, Trubbish, Koffing, Grimer; Fire- Darmanitan, Magmar, Arcanine; Normal- Lopunny, Audino, Cinccino, Castform, Dunsparce, Sawsbuck; Steel- Ferrothorn, Klang, Magnezone, Probopass; Ghost- Drifblim, Banette, Chandelure, Jellicent, Cofagrigus; Fighting- Lucario, Heracross, Virizion, Conkeldurr, Mienshao; and Ice- Weavile, Mamoswine, Vanilluxe, Walrein, Beartic. It was very enjoyable, but can take a lot of time grinding. I even caught a Shiny Audino while training, so be wary and have fun.
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