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Last night, I had a dream about a girl named Luna... She had Mint Green hair, (In a long ponytail) Blue eyes, Tan Skin and A Red Flower in her hair.

Her attire was:

A Silver Necklace with a sapphire at the end of it
Red Boots
Thin Black Jeans
A Red Leotard with a white sash around her waist

Luna is a confused young woman. She often questions her emotions, or lack thereof. She is easily confused and frightened. However, as Luna learns more about herself, in the dream, she becomes more assertive and determined. Once she learns her true past, (which I won't reveal) she is insecure about her unique heritage and questions if she can feel love...

I might have to write a Fan Fic about her MUCH later, to develop her personality.
...I'm...not even sure if that can even fit in a dream. That sounds simply like a character description 0-0
Unless you remember dreams in High Definition. Or just one of those times where you remember your dreams. I love those times.