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Thread: Victini Egg Shop

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    Post Victini Egg Shop

    Victini's egg shop!

    Welcome to Victini's Egg Shop where we are guaranteed to give you a pokemon of your request from the list below, unless stated.
        Spoiler:- Whitelist:

        Spoiler:- Blacklist:

    1.All SPPf rules
    2.No trolling, flaming or spamming
    3.No ridiculous trades
    4.No hacked pokemons
    5.No off topic post
    6.Never double post unless necessary(just so you know)
    7.Be brief on your offers
        Spoiler:- Wanted:

        Spoiler:- Egg Trades:

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    looking for a specific squirtle... M with three egg move if you seriously think someone can be of help please pm me
    I have DW Dratini + extremespeed and 31 iv's in two stats;DW Gligar;DW Banette;DW Hippopotas;DW poliwag+hydro pump;[COLOR="#ADD8E6"]DW Vulpix;reg Lapras;Aron;Diglett+Pokerus;Exeggcute; Beldum;Smoochum;Mamoswine;Lucario;Zubat;Hoppip;Hou ndour;Buizel;Sheildon;Lickatung; Mawile;Lunatone;Trapinch;Staryu;Growlithe;Tryogue; Gastly; Eevee; Happiny;smeargle;Ariados;/COLOR];Marill;Combee;Drifloon;Deinowants.. DW Abra; DW Natu; Ralts;Forieghn Ditto; tm psychic,thunderbolt;Blizzard; Rare Candy;
    FC: 0390 4671 4068 - BR4VE someone please take these eggs

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