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Thread: Serane's House of 'Mon

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    I'd like a DW female Slowpoke (preferably bold) for as many Evolution Stones, Power Items, EV Berries as you want. If you don't want any stones power items or EV berries anymore I can trade you a Manaphy, which is Naughty natured and nickname able.


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    bumping for info. added a few more, updated other stuff
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    I have DW Dratini with Extremespeed looking for DW abra and ryhorn also any ditto's with an iv of 31 in any stat thanks
    I have DW Dratini + extremespeed and 31 iv's in two stats;DW Gligar;DW Banette;DW Hippopotas;DW poliwag+hydro pump;[COLOR="#ADD8E6"]DW Vulpix;reg Lapras;Aron;Diglett+Pokerus;Exeggcute; Beldum;Smoochum;Mamoswine;Lucario;Zubat;Hoppip;Hou ndour;Buizel;Sheildon;Lickatung; Mawile;Lunatone;Trapinch;Staryu;Growlithe;Tryogue; Gastly; Eevee; Happiny;smeargle;Ariados;/COLOR];Marill;Combee;Drifloon;Deinowants.. DW Abra; DW Natu; Ralts;Forieghn Ditto; tm psychic,thunderbolt;Blizzard; Rare Candy;
    FC: 0390 4671 4068 - BR4VE someone please take these eggs

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