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Thread: Candy Trade Shoppe~

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    Default Candy Trade Shoppe~

    Until further notice


    ☞ Follow Serebii, Trading, and General Rules.
    ☞ I try hard not to trade hacks, please do the same to me.
    ☞ There must be a valid reason for trade back (E.g, if a pokemon were hacked)
    ☞ Please check my wants, but if you have nothing, then shot me up anything.
    ☞ I do not care if the pokemon you offer are EV/IV trained (Unless stated)
    ☞ I live in England (GMT+1)
    ☞ Please post here if you are interested and if the trade is a yay, PM me to organise stuff.
    ☞ Time: I will probably be on all week sept Wednesday/Thursdays and Saturdays.
    ☞ I will not be cross if a life situation comes up and you are unavailable to trade at the time we agreed, we can just trade again. I hope people are the same if I am late/need to change the time.
    ☞ Please leave feedback for me, through PM or VM, and I will quote it in here.
    ☞ Most of my shinies come from my other versions of the game: I only have 1 that is not mine (And it is hacked anyways, thank you GTS ¬¬)
    ☞ If you want to calculate IV/EV or whatever, I will give you their stats, only through PM (And please be careful as some pokemon I have trained)
    ☞ I don't mind if any of the pokemon are cloned, as long they are cloned off legit pokemon.
    ☞ Also, if you are interested in cloning some of my pokemon so you can clone more for your trades, PM me :]

    ☞ Please be aware, I prefer shiny for shiny trades.
    Lv.28 ♀, Careful Nature, Moves> Scratch, Fire Fang, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower. (Touched alot, RNG method)
    Lv. 1, ♂, Rash Nature and Lonely Nature Moves> Takle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand. UT RNG
    Lv.26, ♀, Calm Nature, Moves> Psybeam, Hypnosis, Disable, Confusion. Random.
    Lv.40, ♀ , Naughty Nature, Moves> Brick Break, Rock Smash, Rock Slide, Wood Hammer. Touched alot, Chained
    Lv.18, ♀ , Hasty Nature, Moves> Tail Whip, Mud Sport, Mud Shot, Slam. UT, Random
    Lv. 27, ♀ , Mild Nature, Moves> Water Gun, Supersonic, Wing attack, Defog. Touched alot, Random.
    Lv.32, ♂, Relaxed Nature, Moves> Whirlpool, Dragon Rage, Waterfall, Twister. Touched 2 levels, from HG/SS
    Lv.1, ♂, Modest, Moves> Hypnosis, Lick, Will-O-Wisp, UT RNG
    Lv.50, ♀, Timid Nature, Moves> Mist, Aurora Beam, Future Sight, Slash. UT, SR
    Lv.24, ♀, Rash Nature, Moves>Pursuit, Faint Attack, Revenge, Swagger. Along time taken to get it, met at Safari Zone.
    Lv.18, ♀, Hasty Nature, Moves> Tail Whip, Mud Sport, Mud Shot, Slam.
    Lv.4, ♀, Lonely Nature, Moves> Growl. Chained
    Lv.51, ♀, Gentle Nature, Moves>Rock Climb, Aqua Jet, Aqua Ring, Ice Beam. MM
    Lv.1, ♀, Naive Nature, Moves> Rage. MM

    Lv. 30, ♂, Relaxed Nature,Moves> Gust, Swallow, Fly, Stockplie. Soft reset, touched alot
    Lv.70, Impish Nature, Moves> Recover, Fire Blast, Fly, Swift. Soft reset, touched alot.
    Lv.100, Hardy Nature, Moves> Surf, Focus Blast, Ice Beam, Spacial Rend. Soft reset, touched alot.
    (Please note, the last 3 are from ma japanese games)

    These are my personal shinies, putting them up here for records, a few may be up for trade. If you just want to clone from these, just say.

    Lv.48, Jolly Nature, Moves>Transform (Duh?)
    Lv.45 , ♂ Modest Nature.
    Lv.20, ♀, Careful Nature.
    Lv.17, ♀, Impish Nature.
    Lv.5, ♀, Hardy Nature (Berry Fix)
    Lv.1, ♀, Quiet Nature.
    Lv.34, ♀, Lonely Nature.
    Lv.22, ♀, Flower, Bold Nature.


    Lv.10, ♀, Hardy Nature, Moves> Volt Tackle, Surf, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave.(PKTOPIA)
    Lv.50, Jolly Nature, Moves> Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Nightmare, Hypnosis. (ALAMOS)
    Lv.50, Modest Nature, Moves> Seed Flare, Aromatherapy, Substitute, Energy Ball. (Movie 11)
    Lv.50, Mild Nature, Moves> Seed Flare, Aromatherapy, Substitute, Energy Ball (TRU)


    Lv.50 UT
    Lv.50 UT
    Lv.88 Touched
    Lv.70 UT
    Lv.93 (Has a nickname, Touched)
    Lv.51 Touched
    Lv.100 Touched
    Lv.100 Touched-On hold
    Lv.70 (Shiny, touched)
    Lv.40 UT
    Lv.40 UT
    Lv.100 Touched alot
    Lv.35 UT
    Lv.50 UT
    Lv.51 Touched a bit
    Lv.50 UT
    Lv.71 Touched
    Lv.100 (Shiny, Touched)
    Lv.75 Touched
    Lv.53 Touched
    Lv.1 UT
    Lv.25 (Touched, was put in day care for breeding.)
    Lv 50 UT
    Lv.50 x2 (Event) UT

    All this touching makes me sound like a sort of pokemon perv...Mmmmm, oddisshhhh

    These will be Lv.1, hatched from an egg-I can try to get you a certain nature and what not, and you can also trade so you hatch the egg.

        Spoiler:- Items:


    Any nature, ev, etc:
    None, atm.

    Startes (Any nature, want these to breed myself):

    Lotad, Cherrim/Cherbi, Unknown (Preferably M), Regice, Regigigas, Clamperl, Glalie.


    You may offer any thing you think might be fair/I might like ^^

    The way it works is this: We trade, and you put feedback (Like A* trader, lovely person etc) There are three feedback options:
    Postive: You were happy with my attitude and trade.
    Neutral: You were ok with the trade, maybe you traded a pokemon you didn't really want to.
    Negative: You hated the trade, or my attitude.
    You give me feedback (Via PM or VM) and I put it in the right part. Simples. You can aslo choose to be anon with the quoting as well.

    Postive: +9
        Spoiler:- Postive Comments:

    Neutral: +0
        Spoiler:- Neutral Comments:

    Negative: +0
        Spoiler:- Negative Comments:

    Yes, I did steal this idea of ebay-and why is everyone stealing the idea off me?


    Alot of people advertise in their sigs a link to their shops, so people can click on it can browse. Well this space is like that! VM or PM me if you want me to put a link to your shop in here. It will include the title of your shop, with an attached link to it :]. I can only advertise 7 shops at a time (And have the right to remove the links for whatever reason). I don't want anything it return (Well, maybe if you can do the same for me in your shop ^^) Just giving peeps a chance with trading~

    Friend Codes:

    Pearl: 2020 4630 1016 (Name: Meg)
    Black: 2150 8380 9333 (Name: Meg)
    Heart Gold:

    Any questions, just PM or VM me, Thank you~
    Credit: To the amazing Sweet May for the shop banner and 'shinies', 'legendaires' and 'events' blinkie.
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    biatch im fabulous

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