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Thread: Gad's Trade Shop

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    Default Gad's Trade Shop

    Hello, everyone!
    I'm Gad. Welcome to my Trade Shop!

    I mostly enjoy collecting Shiny and Event Pokemon, but I also have some DW females, EV'd pokemon, and breedables, including starters.
    All of my Pokemon are listed in National Dex # order within each subsection.

    While I do have a lot of shinies and events, I might not have everything you're looking for. That's why I work with Bobby Mongorium's Wonder Emporiun, Fishy's Pokemon Emporium, Muffin's Trade Thread, and Simba and Jeff's shop. Together, we are the League of Shops! Check them all out! They may have exactly what you want!

    Gad's Trade Shop Rules (Please Read!!!):
    1. Be respectful to everyone.
    2. Make offers on this thread first! I will PM you after we agree on a trade.
    3. Please only make reasonable offers. I will only trade my shinies/events for other shinies/events.
    4. Don't trade hacks! I will never knowingly trade you a hack. If for any reason you believe that I traded you a hack, please message me and I will trade you back your Pokemon, or let you pick another from my shop.
    4a. I do not consider clones to be hacks, and so I will accept those. Most of my Pokemon will be clones as well.
    4b. The same goes for abusing the RNG. I don't consider it to be hacking. However, I would like you to inform me if you're trading me RNG'd pokemon.
    5. All rules also apply to this shop.
    6. Enjoy responsibly.
    7. Please only rate the shop if we've actually traded and you feel like your rating will help me improve. I take all ratings seriously, so it'd be great if anyone who rates the shop (especially if they rate it 3 stars or less) also PMs me their reasoning behind the rating. Thanks.

        Spoiler:- Shop Abbreviations:

        Spoiler:- Please use this form when offering:

        Spoiler:- Successful Trades:

    So, on to my Pokemon!

        Spoiler:- Breedables:

        Spoiler:- Starters:

        Spoiler:- Legendaries (Not Much to See Here):

    DW Females!
        Spoiler:- DW Females (Again, I don't have many):

    Egg Moves!
        Spoiler:- Egg Moves:

        Spoiler:- EV/IV:

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- Shinies:

    And now, for my
        Spoiler:- My Wants:

    So, guys, that's it for now. Thanks for coming, and leave a post if you're interested in trading. My FC is 2881 0125 0998, as seen in my signature, and my IGN is S.
    Also, if you have any feedback about my shop, I'd be glad to hear it


    Shop Honors:
    Proud member of the League of Shops!

    Recipient of FILIP22's Best Traders Trophy!

    Recipient of Fishy's Awesome Blaziken Trophy! (Made by Gladeshadow)
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    Black FC: 2881 0125 0998 IGN: S
    Diamond FC: 3265 1659 3885 IGN: S

    Check out Gad's Trade Shop!


    League of shops ASSEMBLE!

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