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    Default Kiwi's Awesome Trade Shop

    Welcome To KiwiDude's Poké-Shop!

    (The Most Popular 4th Gen Trade Shop)

    First Some Ground Rules (PLEASE READ)

        Spoiler:- Strikes/Warnings/Black List:

    -All the SPPf rules apply (of course)
    -Please read the Trade Shop Sub-Forum rules
    -Please make your offers as Specific as Possible [Level, Type of Event (if so the ID No. and OT), Nature, IVs etc.]
    -No Hacks Allowed!
    -I Can't Clone! I Can't Hack! I Can't RNG
    -Cloned Pokemon<Uncloned Pokemon IMO, If you can clone the value of your offer is lesser than a Non-Cloner's offer
    -If you can clone, after the trade You're required to bring back my Original Pokemon, You may keep clones of my Pokemon
    -Please try to read all of my Offers/Needs before posting an offer
    -Post your Offers in the Shop, not in my VM/PM box
    -I'll respond to your offers via PM/VM
    -This is a first-come first-served shop (Unless the trade requires me to breed)
    -Please use proper Grammar and Syntax
    -Be Patient, any trade that requires me to breed will take some time
    -Please make reasonable offers (for example Events for Events, Shinies for Shinies etc.)
    -Please don't ask me to breed a breedable with a specific nature/IVs, Unless you're offer is fantastic
    -This shop is 4th Gen Only (Except for my 5th Gen Wants and Haves), All of my offered Pokemon are on 4th Gen ATM
    -No Voice Chat while trading (X button)
    That's It ^^ (for now)

    My FCs

    The Starter Giveaway is Over, Ask for Free Starters=Two Strikes

    Waiting List/Pending Trades

    T-BOne27 - My UT Newmoon Darkrai for Shiny UT Chinchou, Horsea and Phione
    PolioParalyzer - My Flawless Shiny Gastly and Semi-Flawless Squirtle for Shiny Flawless Oshawott and Shiny Flawless Axew
    Slushy456 - My UT World10 Crobat for UT TCGWC Pikachu

    Offering -

        Spoiler:- Coming Soon...:

        Spoiler:- 5th Gen Only:

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- Legendaries:

        Spoiler:- Shiny Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Starters:

        Spoiler:- Egg Moves:

        Spoiler:- Breedables:

        Spoiler:- TMs:

        Spoiler:- Items:

    Looking For -
    (In 4th and 5th Gen, preferably 4th)
        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- Legendaries:

        Spoiler:- Shiny Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Egg Moves:

        Spoiler:- Breedables:

        Spoiler:- TMs:

        Spoiler:- Items:

    I Don't Want: Lv. 100, EV Trained, Nicknamed, Infected/Cured with Pokerus or Japanese (Excluding Japan-Only Events) Pokemon!
    Please Refer To My Want List

    -All of my Event Pokemon are 100% Legit (Checked by me using the Serebii Event Database and the Bulbapedia Event Database)
    Debasing my Pokemon's legitimacy is harder than Debunking the existence of air!

    If you have any Ideas/Constructive Criticism to help improve my shop, let me know through a PM


        Spoiler:- Positive Feedback:

        Spoiler:- Neutral Feedback:

        Spoiler:- Negative Feedback:

    Stay Tuned for Future Giveaways!

    (Beautiful) UserBars/Team Pose by Nakashima, Trophy by Gladeshadow, (Amazing) Chaos by Katatakat
    Last edited by KiwiDude; 12th July 2011 at 7:10 PM.
    I Quit SPPf (for the time being)
    Had a blast, cheers

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