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    Quote Originally Posted by Azraelgt View Post
    Hello Kiwidude, I've playing pokemon since Blue, and ever since then Mew has eluded me.
    I would like to trade your Mews, the thing is i would like to trade one each to Pokemon White and Soulsilver
    That is if it is possible of course. If not, there is no trouble to trade them to Pearl, Hope to read from you soon.

    If the Starters giveaway is still on i would like a Squirtle With PokeRus (Had to do the Noob Request, sorry)

    Well to get serious, I would like:

    Hayley's Mew
    Mystery Mew
    FALL2011 Mew

    And this is what i offer.

        Spoiler:- Offer:
    I'll trade you two Mews for Regigigas (depends on Event), Uxie and Azelf +Earthquake, Brick Break and Psychic
    Quote Originally Posted by HellaKendra View Post
    Hi kiwi! I am interested in (any) arceus. Dont have much to offer as far as good natures/ivs but i can offer an UT latias lvl 40, timid nature from sapphire. Or an UT heatran Lvl 70 from D/P that i can SR for to get you a specific nature.
    Edit: also have a modest nature UT latias from heartgold but it has been transfered over to my 5th gen game.
    Also have TMs to offer as well:
    TM04 - Calm Mind
    TM23 - Iron Tail
    TM29 - Psychic
    TM31 - Brick Break
    TM33 - Reflect
    TM51 - Roost
    TM80 - Rock Slide
    TM91 - Flash Cannon
    I also may have a shell bell to trade but id have to double check. Let me know if we can work something out
    Sorry, Arceus is worth more than two Non-Event Legendaries
    Quote Originally Posted by myaar View Post
    will palkia get me the 3 regis.if not then i will be interested in lugia
    Please post specific offers or I'll won't trade with you...

    Added a Life Orb to the Item Offers
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    I Quit SPPf (for the time being)
    Had a blast, cheers

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