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    So, you may have noticed that Battle Revolution, unlike it's previous installments (i.e. Colosseum and XD) does not have a story mode or any kind of legitimate plotline to it. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I simply need some kind of storyline in order to keep me interested in a game.

    Since Battle Revolution doesn't fulfill that need, I kind of make up my own storylines in my head as I go around and compete in the various stages in the game. For example, I have an "apprentice" who is a separate battle pass that I use and I'm on a quest now to conquer the whole game. Along the way I meet "Kruger's Grandfather" who helps me out defeating Kruger, who is Mysterial's second-in-command in the conspiracy that is Poketopia, and Joe is a total pushover and kind of comic-relief guy that loves Panic at the Disco.

    So, am I the only one that makes up little plot devices in my head to keep me interested in this game? Please let me know and discuss below.

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    Joe is a pushover that loves Panic at the Disco! lol , well i don't need a plot or storyline to keep me interested, this game was like Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 only battles...
    but yeah i wanted it to be like XD or Colosseum
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    I hope for the next new nintendo there will come out a good game again with a storyline like XD/Colosseum, atleast I hope so!
    I mean they managed to push out two really awesome games Colosseum and XD for the gamecube => 2 good games with a nice storyline for one console
    but for the wii they could just bring out a 'only battle' game ;/
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    Storylines are half the things that keep me busy in games. I've never tried making up my own storylines but I can give a try.
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