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    Default sentimentGX4's Shiny Shack

    Welcome to my first trade shop!

    Here are some guidelines to trading with me:
    - Don't trade me hacked Pokemon.
    - Make reasonable offers.
    - Please make offers to me first on this thread. Then feel free to negotiate through PM.

    I am frequently asked this question. What is RNG? So here is the response from competitive Pokemon fanatics at Smogon.
        Spoiler:- RNG Abuse:
    I'm new to this entire Pokemon online trading thing, so I don't have much for trade.

    Quote Originally Posted by Offering
        Spoiler:- shinies:

        Spoiler:- The Shiny Service:

        Spoiler:- events:

        Spoiler:- legendaries:
    Quote Originally Posted by Looking For
        Spoiler:- legendaries:

        Spoiler:- services:
    I am only interested in trading 4th gen in this trade shop.
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    Platinum FC: 5242 0559 2182
    White FC: 3095 6927 2410

    Visit me at my 4th Gen Trade Shop!

        Spoiler:- wants:

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