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Excuse me, but we said it REPEATEDLY not to speculate anything in this topic and not to ask for a guide when we did not have it available. If you people actuall followed the damn rules, we wouldn't have had to type in large letters so you people could actually READ the damn thing. --;
I was out of line for asking about episode summaries. It is within your right to tell me I broke a rule. However you do not need to talk down to me while doing it.

While we are on the subject of this rule violation, why can't we speculate about the episode I thought this is a thread about this episode. What is there to discuss about an episode most of us haven't seen or know much about, if not to speculate on what will happen?

Just FYI, I was not asking serebii or any administrators about posting episode summaries. In the past a few nice posters who have seen the show and can translate it have given a brief episode sumation before serebii and staff have the time to put up pics or official episode summaries.