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Thread: Takashis' poké-réquests

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    Note: If anyone wants their trade done via 5th gen, let me know! I am having a 12 hour spree on Tuesday night. That is for trades already set and setting.
    Black Friend Code: 3697 3078 7902

    I always have available due to Emerald Glitch Cloning:
    MYSTRY Event Mew UT Hardy
    Shiny Spearow
    Shiny Trapinch

        Spoiler:- Want List:

    Hiring someone to Pokécheck for me!

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    there are quite a few pokemon im looking for, but in particular i need a mew, latias (red one) and a kyogre. i will trade legends from my sig, or if theres any item or poke you want, i may have it.
    To make it clear, if you PM me, I get an email. I do not use this site anymore.
    If you PM me I will do my best to get back to you.

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