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Thread: Dr. Zoidberg's ultimate sprite thread!

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    Default Dr. Zoidberg's ultimate sprite thread!

    welcome to my Zoidfest!

    Hey! my name is Dandi but you may refer to me as Zoidberg.
    I've been spriting for some time now [about 4 years] but never did I get the recognition I was hoping for, I hope this thread will FINALLY stay on the map and remain on the front page for more then an hour.
    please let me know what you think of my sprite and my region(which I am currently working on) I would be glad for any crit whatsoever(:
    Thank you and enjoy.

        Spoiler:- Zoidex:

        Spoiler:- sketches[Recommended]:

        Spoiler:- Fusions [1-100]:

        Spoiler:- Fusions [101-200]:

        Spoiler:- Fusions [201-???]:

        Spoiler:- Contest Entries:

        Spoiler:- Just Spritin':

    please oh please, tell me your thoughts!
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