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    Default Memento Mori: Even Gods Must Die

    Memento Mori

    Even Gods must Die
    PG-13: For mild language and violence, as well as Deicide (God-Killing).



    It was always prophesized, that when Arceus created the world, it was perfect. Only one thing was wrong. Man. Arceus had given Man three things, personified as three beings. Uxie gave higher thought. Mesprit gave deep emotion… And Azelf. Azelf brought free will. Humanity committed the ultimate sin. They disobeyed. They ran from paradise, trying to find freedom where it could be found. And Arceus rested. He had created the world, and now he was weak. He began to slumber, promising to re-create the world back into Eden when he awoke.

    Arceus is about to awake. You meet an old man with kind eyes, but fire in his soul. He comes to you, and tells you the tale. You’ve heard it before, but he highlights one important phrase. Arceus will re-make the world. Everyone is flawed, and will be destroyed. What if you don’t want to be destroyed? What if you love the world, and wouldn’t want it destroyed? Or maybe you just don’t want your friends, family, and yourself to be wiped away. The old man begs you to assist him on his quest to slay the god that would destroy you. To prevent an intolerant conformist theocracy.

    The old man gives you a small note, and bids you farewell, thanking you for your help. The note has instructions. It tells you to go to the mysterious island known as the Entralink, in Unova. When you arrive, you meet many others. All are united with one purpose. To save the world from that which would destroy it. However, you heroes are different. To save the world from a God? You must be determined indeed.

    The old man reveals his name to be Gin. He tells you of your quest. First you must find the Azure Flute. The Azure Flute is in the hands of the Cult of Azure, a group of zealots. Gin explains where the base is. He says that today, no one knows where the Cult of Azure is. But, 50 years ago, the Cult was based at the top of Spear Pillar. Gin says he has a Adamant Orb, that will allow you to travel back fifty years, and obtain the Azure Flute.

    He holds the Adamant Orb, and holds his hand out to you. You take it, and he tells you to close your eyes. You do, and you feel a horrible chill and then sunlight. When you open your eyes, you are in a small Sinnoh Village, at the base of Mt. Coronet, fifty years in the past. When you begin to ask how the Adamant Orb transported you through space as well as time, you realize that Gin is gone. You wonder, but decide to move on with the plan anyway.

    What are Gin’s motives? Are they as pure as they seem? Is slaying the Alpha Pokémon good, even for good reasons? Watch your back. Even your friends may be out to get you.

    Alright, so this is my first RPG! I have a story outline pre-made, but a lot of the time, you players will be able to make many choices. I will try to make an RPG Café post where you can discuss what to do in different situations. Of course, your character can act without the consensus of the group, but that may not turn out well. I will not be an active Player, only the GM, and I will control NPCs, as well as the environment.

    I tried to make an interesting story with a few plot twists. You'll find out about them later. Wish me luck!

    Now, for sign-ups!




    Player Type:
    (Pokémon Trainer, Pokémon Ranger, Pokemon) (See Rules




    Pokémon: (If any)



    Appearance: (As different from a regular member of the species)


    Special: (Nothing too insane. Be reasonable. Humans can have a special too. BE REASONABLE. You can't go Godzilla.)

    Player Type Information:

    Pokémon Trainer:
    A Pokémon Trainer can have up to 3 Pokémon. More would be complex. Each Pokémon will know all non-TM moves. I'm trying to limit the number of moves to what a Pokemon could naturally learn. The weird DVD/CD thing never made sense to me anyway. Assume TMs haven't been invented. Level is indeterminate, and a Pokemon will know all level-up moves and egg moves. They will know all REASONABLE HM moves. For example, Pidgey will not know Fly. They do not have to be written in. ONE additional Pokémon may be caught during the journey. No Legendaries. A Small Legend (Manaphy, Jirachi, Shaymin, etc.) may be allowed if you post a very good, and reasonable description for how this Pokémon came to be your partner.

    Pokémon Ranger:
    A Pokémon Ranger may have ONE partner Pokémon. The Partner should have a detailed SU. A Ranger may temporarily call upon the aid of wild Pokémon, but may not directly attempt to capture any “Boss”, enemy Pokémon you encounter. A description of what kinds of wild Pokémon are in the area will be in every post I make. No Legendaries. A Small Legend (Manaphy, Jirachi, Shaymin, etc.) may be allowed if you post a very good, and reasonable description for how this Pokémon came to be your partner.

    You can actually BE a Pokemon. You must be a final-evo, and have some method of speaking human languages. Whether you learned, like Meowth, or you naturally have that ability, explain. Same rules as other Pokemon apply, but since you are a Pokemon, I'll be more lenient in the "Special:" category. Again, no TMs, and absolutely no Legendaries. Sorry.

    Note: Any ideas on how combat might work would be much appreciated. I’m considering a PASBL style combat system… PM/VM me any other advice you have as well.


    1. Niihyl:Accepted : Lilith Czernobori, Pokemon Trainer

    2. Pokemon Trainer Xande: Pending : Alex Rivera : Pokemon Ranger

    3. lxdarknessxl: Accepted : Musica Lance Symphony, Pokemon ::: Accepted Rose Flores, Pokemon Trainer

    4. Psychic: Accepted : Ironbeak Swiftclaw, Pokemon

    5. guywhoiam: Accepted : Nathaniel "Guy" Philips, Pokemon Trainer

    6. Bronzong#1: Accepted : Marcus Iluss, Pokemon Trainer

    7. Mudkipsareawesome: Accepted : Davis Wintergale, Pokemon Trainer

    8. pokefan0234: reserved

    9. Anonymouss: Accepted : Joseph and Joshua "The Clones" Antonimous, Pokemon Trainers

    10. Manaphy Mare: Accepted : Tensei Hikarizuisho, Pokemon Trainer

    11. Aslynn Pokemon: Accepted : Alisa Ashmina Jamieson, Pokemon Ranger

    12. deltakurumiru4: Accepted : Halt Beta, Pokemon Ranger

    13. Skillfullness: reserved

    We need more Rangers!
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