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    This is tied to League of Heroes, by Feralninja. The story of why his Ground Elite Four member got to be so unfriendly. This is the story of Dracoburn.

    The light pummeled our eyes as we stood, peering through the midday silence. My best friend stood by my side, his bright eyes gleaming with a determination that I will forever miss. That’s what really gets to me. He was so intelligent, his gaze so decisive.. We have been together since childhood, and are inseparable. I was dressed in my warmest layers, my breath billowing out in clouds. But he stood there in the same layer of clothing he wore when he saw his first light; and didn’t even mind. My proud, if adamant, friend stood but steps away from my anxiously shuffling boots in still, uncovered feet. Of course, he couldn’t escape the condensation in his breath. That was my brave friend’s only display of being effected by the cold. But hey, I can’t blame him; if anyone’s more hot-blooded than me, it’s him. What, with his blood literally boiling and all.. Oh yea, I forgot to mention: my best friend is a large, orange dragon that breathes fire and can eat a deer in one sitting. Just a quirk of his.

    My trusty Charizard, Dracoburn was in his best physical condition. He grew up with me, so we’ve really gone from five to fifty together. Of course, I’m not fifty. I’m only nineteen, and I was sixteen when this happened. Just a kid. I had no idea of how much pain the world can bring.

    Behind us stood my other companions; Ferocity, my Garchomp, clawed at a wall. Gyara splashed in the icy water, unfazed by the freezing temperatures. Analyt twitched his long antennae, reminding me of his days as a Dragonaire, when he felt in charge of all things weather. Scarr, the Salamence let out an impatient huff. And Wyvern glided back from cliffside to cliffside, stretching his long, webbed wings the way his ancestors must have before I revived him from the amber I found in the underground. My dragons. Their sharp fangs. Their intense loyalty. I’d like to believe that it’s the latter that got me so far. We shared our hearts. I taught them strategy. They taught me how to fly. And we taught each other teamwork, intensity, love.. I was proud of them, to say the least. All at level fifty. All donned with medals from past triumphs..
    Ribbons from days off.. Items to keep them the best they can be. And all ready. Or so I thought. Maybe they were. Maybe I wasn’t.

    We suddenly saw what we had been looking for. The snow blew past for a moment, and the silent, red-capped figure appeared at the top of the peak. This was it.

    Draco and I turned towards each other and nodded almost imperceptibly. As one, the seven of us marched up the path to Red. The Greatest Trainer. We had been training for this. I had thirty-two badges to show for it.

    The kid turned to us. He was a few years younger than me, but his eyes betrayed his experience. All in one gesture of his hand, his famous beast, the creature that is known to destroy entire teams, stepped up to the ring. I looked at my team. Ferocity and Scarr were smirking. Gyara knew better simply from his typing. And Wyvern didn’t care, he knew he always led. But Draco understood. He was with me when Red rose to glory and knew that his Pikachu was a force to be reckoned with. I caught each of their eyes to wish them silent encouragement, and called upon Wyvern to work his magic.

    “Go! Wyvern!”

    “Aerrroooo!!!” he screeched, and glided into the battlefield. Red’s Pikachu immediately began firing sparks at my pterodactylian beast. Wyvern knew how this worked, though. He waited until the mouse needed to rest, and then summoned sharp stones from the side of the mountain. The Pikachu ducked, thinking that this would be the classic Rock Slide. But no. Wyvern’s first move was never offensive. He was very intelligent for a dinosaur. Instead, he sprinkled some of the stones on the field, and levitated the others over the opponent’s side of the field. Pikachu soon got over its puzzlement, and waited for Wyvern to need to land, charging its famous Volt Tackle. But Wyvern knew this was an inopportune matchup, and dove in for the ol’ switcheroo. As he approached the electric mouse, he opened his gaping jaws and shrieked a pitch so high that the Pikachu squeaked and fled back towards Red, forcing him to switch. He sent out a giant shellfish Pokemon, his Blastoise. Of course, Wyvern had a move to counter this.

    “Wyvern! Thunder Fang as soon as it lands!”

    I knew the armored turtle would take a moment or two to shrug off the damage from Stealth Rock. But I underestimated its resilience. Wyvern landed the blow, yes, with his fangs generating incredible static electricity. But Blastoise had just enough time to position its right cannon where the bite was destined to land. It grimaced when the shock went through its body, but didn’t flinch, and propelled a furious Hydro Pump directly down Wyvern’s throat. The ancient dragon held on for dear life, but his eyes grew wide and I saw a tear begin to form in the corner.

    “Let go! Let go before it seriously hurts you!”

    Wyvern released the grip of his fangs, and shot up into the air. The Blastoise had aimed him directly towards a cliff! But my agile set-up artist managed to recover, spinning around and landing. However, this last-chance maneuver left him winded, and he bent over to expel a stomach full of water onto the snow. Wyvern took just a moment too long retching, and before I could warn him, Blastoise charged at him and hit him with a wicked body slam. This obviously was more than Wyvern could take. I called him back to his Pokeball, whispering to have a long rest.

    But I saw the Blastoise suddenly wince. It had gotten paralyzed by the thunder fang!

    I knew how to finish the weakened shellfish. With a flick of the wrist, my battle-hungry Gyarados let out a screech and charged through solid ice to bring the pond with him. I grinned, proud of the raw power my Brave Gyara could muster when he got wired up. And this was just the beginning.

    I took a moment to ponder whether the accuracy of Thunder in a hailstorm was worth it.. I shook my head, and instead bellowed “Gyara! Get it under the water!”

    My Atrocious Pokemon was much more intelligent than his special attack let on. He immediately slid out of the water and slapped the back of Blastoise’s shell with his long tail. The paralyzed turtle hit the water like a rock. Without a moment’s hesitation, Gyara’s horn sparkled with static, and he launched his Thunder directly into the water. The strobe effect under our feet was magnificent, and the howling turtle launched out of the water and collapsed, unconscious, on the snow, dozens of feet from the water.

    Red showed a slight glimmer of appreciation, or so I thought. But he sent out the frightened rat again, now recovered from the, ooooh, scary noise. Pikachu prepared to launch a Thunderbolt, but Gyara was too quick. He slammed his tail into the ground, and I was suddenly grateful that I had given Gyara the small pouch of Soft Sand. The ice shattered under Pikachu’s paws. But the rodent was more crafty than it let on. As the ice split into fissures, Pikachu dove between two sheets. Gyara had no way of telling where the attack was coming from, and suddenly his long serpentine body shuddered with a piercing Volt Tackle. Gyara howled as his incredible form skidded into the snow. It fought to regain its “footing”, but the majestic beast wasn’t half as agile on land, let alone snow, as it was in water. Pikachu quickly felled my blue beauty with a reverberating Thunderbolt.

    My team let out a collective gasp. Gyara was by far the best on my team when it came to brute force. This mouse had some insane electric power. I had to bring out Ferocity if I wanted to withstand these hits.

    As if it knew what I was thinking, my Garchomp howled a battle cry and shot out to the land half of the field. Pikachu charged itself up bravely, while Fer’ simply grinned. She tilted her head back and sand began to swirl around the two of them, in direct contrast to the howling snowstorm encompassing the rest of the area. Pikachu found itself squinting as the Sandstorm clouded its vision and eroded its flesh. Suddenly, before it knew what was coming, it was struck to the ground by Ferocity’s vicious Dragon Rush. The rat’s pitiful defenses couldn’t hold up, and it made a great show of being knocked out.

    Red glared at this, and sent out Venusaur, who used its Vine Whip to return the shivering mouse to its owner.

    Ferocity was unprepared for grass types, so I yelled for her to give it all she had. These, of course, were code words for Draco Meteor.

    I was hoping this would throw Red off and force him to switch. And as soon as he saw the sky darken, he knew an attack was coming that could knock out even his hulking grass type. I called it. The Pokeball came out and Venusaur was replaced by the walking lump of special defense that is Snorlax.

    Just as he had planned, Snorlax took the incoming meteorites of purple doom like a trooper. It must have taken almost half its hp in damage, but the thing didn’t even sneeze. It just scratched the area of impact and blinked sleepily at my Garchomp, whose shoulders were sagging with the special attack recoil of using the move. I knew that in its tired state it would hardly tickle the beast with a repeat.

    “Ferocity, move closer to it and focus your Sandstorm. I want you to make it as blinding and biting as you can. Then, eat your white herb so that you get your strength back.”

    With a quick nod, Ferocity zipped in a circle around Snorlax while sand streamed from its pores, immediately surrounding itself and its quarry with a twister of dust and stones. The only way I knew it had stopped to eat its item was through prior experience of the tactic. I knew that Snorlax was blindly firing Shadow Balls at it, however, simply by the orbs of energy that were whisking into the distance. Then the Shadow Balls depleted their PP and ceased. I was aware of a feeling of shock coming from Ferocity, and as the Sandstorm lightened in intensity I noticed that Red’s Pokemon was gnawing on the base of its tail lazily. Fer’ screeched and swung the fat lump off of it, but Snorlax landed with a thud and released a powerful Blizzard from its mouth. Ferocity deftly avoided the attack, but it overpowered the Sandstorm and the weather conditions returned to the icy snowstorm they originally were. My team shuddered at the change in temperature, and I was glad I had returned Wyvern to his Pokeball. He would not have rested well in these conditions.

    Ferocity glared at the opponent for removing her disguise and, roaring, hammered it with another Draco Meteor. Snorlax grunted as the meteors pelted its rotund form, and actually looked for a moment as if it would defy many Pokedex entries by becoming sick. But it simply let out a loud belch, stood up, and fired another Blizzard at point-blank range. Ferocity winced as the frozen wind hit her at 100% accuracy. Even at full health, she couldn’t handle a 4x weakness to the most powerful ice-type attack. Snorlax has a low special attack, so she made it through most of the storm itself. But when it cleared, I saw her give one last bitter snarl before crumpling on the ground, shuddering from the cold. I hardly had time to call her back, and certainly had no time to command this, but Scarr let out a vengeful roar and leapt into battle in fury. I could hardly blame him. He and Fer’ had a close bond. The two had very similar natures, and very similar pasts. While they weren’t the only pseudo-legendaries on my team, Analyt had led a rather sheltered childhood, bred and cared for by monks until I had passed my training as a dragon master and he was given to me. I had found Scarr in Meteor Falls after Team Magma did a raid. He was so small then, huddled in his nest after the villains had taken his mother and siblings to train as their own. And Ferocity, though never harmed directly by humans, had been living in the Oreburgh mines and lost her father, and only family, when he was crushed under a landslide caused by the mining operations taking place. The only creatures they trusted were myself, and each other.

    Scarr tore out onto the field and simply assaulted the fat beast. He caught it between his fangs in an intense grapple, and shred at it with furious Dragon Claw attacks until it stopped resisting. Then he hopped back and blew a victory Flamethrower into the sky hot enough to melt the snow circling him.

    Red recalled his tank, and Venusaur returned to the battlefield. The Stealth Rocks crunched like gravel under its feet as it turned to face its new opponent.

    I didn’t quite understand why Red had sent out a Pokemon that mine had a 4x resistance to. Perhaps because it was one of his older Pokemon. Or maybe he wanted to heal some of its earlier taken damage. At any rate, I knew my Salamence could trump it in both speed and type.

    “Scarr! Aerial Assault!”

    This was a move I had taught all my flyers, and Ferocity and Gyara had similar versions(UnderGround and UnderWater, respectively). Scarr demonstrated it perfectly. He took off into the air and swooped down over Venusaur repeatedly, razing it with Flamethrower as it passed from different angles. After about the fifth time, it finally landed the Fly attack and knocked out the weird frog flower before it could land a single hit.

    He flashed a new Pokeball, and out blazed a fifth creature. I saw a very familiar form as a Charizard rushed out to confront Scarr. There was an immediate clash of testosterone. The two dragons circled each other in the air, snarling and biting at the other’s beating wings.

    “Scarr!! Aerial Assault again! Hit it from underneath!”

    I knew enough of Charizards to know that their underbellies were soft and vulnerable. I also knew that their defense was much weaker than their special defense, and so did Scarr, obviously, as it used Dragon Claw as the weapon of choice. It rushed forward, slashed at Charizard, and retreated. But this strategy didn’t last very long. Charizard was faster than Scarr, and was soon dodging before any moves could hit, forcing Scarr closer and closer every time. Within moments, Scarr was within range at both ends of each dive, making it vulnerable. Then. Charizard blasted it with a powerful Dragon Pulse from above. It then dove into Scarr’s back before it had time to recover, and pushed it, skidding into the snow. Scarr rose its head long enough to give me a long look, then flopped its heavy skull back into the dust.

    I recalled my sweeper with a snarl, turned, and nodded to my best friend.
    “Alright, Dracoburn. You know how it’s done. That Charizard can’t land without taking serious damage from Stealth Rock. Force it to land. Then defeat it when it has just a sliver of its health.”
    Dracoburn growled in agreement, then flapped its great wings and took to the air above the enemy’s head.

    “You’ve got one, too, huh Red? Well, let’s see who’s the better trainer?”

    Draco locked eyes with his opponent, and the battle was on.
    The dragons rushed at each other, both in fury and in love of competition. It is said that Charizards only truly give it their all when faced with another of their species. Our two fire starters were certainly proving this theory. They snapped at each other and wrestled in midair. The fight was intense, but mine certainly had the upper hand. Red’s Charizard was obviously tired, and running low on power points for his attacks. Draco was fresh and new, and, though I may be biased, appeared much better trained. Within minutes, he had the other grasped by the scruff of its neck. Two pumps of Draco’s great wings got them within fifty feet of the ground, and a swift kick to the small of its back sent the opponent pummeling into the rocky trap beneath them. It staggered to its feet, groaning in pain from the gouges in its knees and wings, but Draco was too quick. The screeching beast’s eyes widened as it disappears under an incoming Rock Slide.

    Five down, one to go. The laser beam from the next Pokeball headed straight towards the water. I was incredibly relieved to see a Lapras, half ice type, form from the energy. One well-aimed Rock Slide could take it below half health after the minor damage from Stealth Rock. With Draco’s finely-tuned vision, this battle would be easily won.

    The hail buffeted Dracoburn, but my brave partner was too hyped-up to even notice. He thrusted his open jaws into the sky and roared a welcome to the ensuing victory.

    Red, on the other hand, had other plans. The Lapras launched itself out of the water and landed on Draco, crushing him in a body slam. With a furious snarl, my Charizard thrusted the sea monster off of his back. He turned to launch a countering Flamethrower, but staggered as he realized his back was damaged and he was paralyzed.

    This could ruin a guy’s day.. He shot to me telepathically.

    Hold it together, friend. You’ve got this in the bag. It’ll hit first, sure.
    But you can use your Blaze if it whittles you down to that.

    Dracoburn growled hatefully at the blue monster in front of him. As if in response, the creature cooed and slid back into the water. Draco pelted rocks behind it, but it deftly avoided each blow. I realized it was simply stalling, trying to exhaust Draco into struggling, or force me to switch out.

    “Need a break, buddy?” I yelled out to my friend, but he turned and gave me a brave denial as response.

    As if on cue, Lapras slipped back onto the ice. Draco tried to fly away, but it was too badly paralyzed and, it flopped back onto its knees. The sneering Lapras got within a foot of my buddy’s face, and I thought I heard Red mutter “It’s over.” under his breath. Draco began to charge a Flamethrower, but the opponent was faster, and launched what I can only imagine was Psychic, as Draco threw back its head in pain with unknown stimuli. Then, while it was still recovering, Lapras aimed a sharp Blizzard directly into its sharp, bright eyes.

    The sound that echoed around us was sickening. I knew from the burning in my own eyes that Dracoburn was in massive pain, more than he had ever known. He shrieked in agony. The attack ended, and Draco tried to turn away, but Lapras forced it to remain in place with another psychic. Before I could call back my friend, the final attack was made.

    “NO!! STOP!! I SURRENDER! I surrender…”

    Red smirked and called back his Lapras. This was my first loss in hundreds of battles, but I didn’t care. Blindly, I ran to my injured Charizard.

    “If you can’t stand to see your Pokemon get hurt, you shouldn’t battle with them. Come back when you’re ready.”

    Red turned away from me, called out his still-weak flyer, and departed on its back.

    I hardly noticed.

    “Draco.. I’m so sorry..”

    It could only whimper in response.

    My eyes.. They burn.. I’m.. I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to lose..

    It sighed, then laid its head back into my lap.

    Its eyes? I thought.

    I looked at him to see bloody tears slithering down his draconian face. His eyes were red, and frostbite framed the rims of all his facial features. He panted in agony. I had to get him home.

    I called Analyt to my side. “Analyt! Help me fly Draco back to the cabin. The whole team needs rest, but he’s seriously hurt. I don’t wanna risk putting him in his Pokeball.”

    The intelligent gaze of my Dragonite flickered down briefly, then back to me in understanding. I mounted his back, and he picked up the injured Charizard gently. We flew down to my cabin at the base of the mountain, and while the others ate, Analyt flew out to summon a nurse, and I stroked my friend’s face as he laid on my own bed, blood still pooling at his tear ducts.

    An hour or so passed before help arrived. By then, I’d gotten enough nursing information from my friend Daisy. I had cleared the blood from his eyes, rinsed them out with lukewarm water, and treated his frostbite with Ice Heal. He had a series of blankets covering him, and the others were in the main room, resting and playing games anxiously.

    Eventually, the nurse arrived to my home. She told me I’d done all that I could do, and that his body would recover with rest. But his eyes would remain sightless. He could never battle again.

    That night, I slept in the same bed with him for the first time since he evolved.
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