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Thread: Memento Mori: Even Gods Must Die

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    Post Memento Mori: Even Gods Must Die

    Memento Mori: Even Gods Must Die

    Rated PG-13 for language, violence, and deicide.


    Discussion Thread:

    Alright, the RPG begins! First, let's get down some ground rules. READ THEM

    1. Painfully obvious, but regular rules.

    2. Specifically, all posts must be minimum length. If you post very short posts, I will warn you about it, and if it happens too often, your character will be killed off. Don't worry, it'll forward the plot somehow.

    3. Inactivity will not be punished. If it goes on too long, (several weeks) you'll become an NPC.

    4. Late sign-ups will be accepted. I will make a note of when you can join (to maintain plot continuity. I want to avoid retconning.)

    5. All your posts should have your name, and general location. Sorry, forgot to add this earlier.

    Alright, so this is how it'll work.

    Each of my GM posts will contain these things:

    1: Description of what happened due to all of your actions after the previous post. This may also include some other information.

    2: Description of your environment, including what wild Pokemon are around. You can add to this in your posts, as long as you don't directly contradict anything I say, or someone else has already said. You cannot add wild Pokemon that I haven't listed.

    3: New scenario/situation, or continuation of a previous scenario. This will often include a few different choices, for example, steal an item, or get it through diplomacy, etc. What to do will be discussed in the Discussion Thread. Of course, your character may ignore the group, but hopefully, that won't happen too often.

    I chose this method, because it both gives a steady plot, (so the RPG doesn't stagnate and turn to wildly spread out mush), and also some freedom, so I'm not railroading you.

    Alright, so for your first post, I'd like you all to describe how you got to the Entralink, how you met Gin, and an overview of how you got to the Entralink. I'll make my first GM post from there.

    Have fun!


    1. lxdarknessxl : Musica Lance Symphony

    2. lxdarknessxl : Rose Flores

    3. Niihyl : Lilith Czernobori

    4. Psychic : Ironbeak Swiftclaw

    5. guywhoiam : (COMPUTER FIXED!) Nathaniel "Guy" Philips

    6. Bronzong#1 : Marcus Iluss

    7. Mudkipsareawesome : Davis Wintergale

    8. Anonymouss : Joseph Antonimous

    9. Anonymouss : Joshua Antonimous

    10. Manaphy Mare : Tensei Hikarizuisho

    11. Aslynn Pokemon : Alisa Ashmina Jamieson

    12. deltakurumiru4 : Halt Beta

    13. treespyro : Mariana Perez

    14. BlueRose : Haru Aquaroad

    15. pokefan0234 : Daniel Clowes "Ecabe"
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