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Trip-"That makes it special in some sort of way." Even Paul was not that much of a dick!
So you're comparing one measley line from Trip to the D***ish Rival of all time? That line doesn't even come close to Paul's attitude.

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I haven't seen a dubbed episode of B/W in ages, and I'm currently watching this one. But I must say... what the heck is up with Timburr's voice? And Trip really is a... meanie head.
I suppose they gave Timburr a "durr" sounding voice because of its nature (though I wouldn't have minded a high-pitched one). As for Trip being a meanie head, well, I blame Ash for forgetting the BASICS.

I enjoyed this episode. That draw that happened there reminded me of that half Poke Ball piece event Ash and Gary got a long time ago. I especially enjoyed seeing Cilan getting a freaked out for his top tier food.

Butler, there's a leaf in my soup.