Another battle showing inconsistent skill levels. It seems the writers can't decide whether Trip is stronger than Ash, weaker than Ash, or equal to Ash. This time they chose equal.

Snivy vs. Servine was fine but anyone who looks at how much stamina Tepig showed in his previous victories can see why his draw against a Vanillite is just wrong. Oshawott should have lost. What's the point of training to use Aqua Jet if he can win just as much without it anyway? The battles were also quite boring.

The only parts I liked were the Ash/Iris/Trip interactions, Cilan's reaction to the leaf in his food, and the reason why Aqua Jet misses being revealed.

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Shouldn't Ash's Snivy have had the blue background and not the red one, since compared to Ash's and Trip, Trip is more the "evil" one of the two? Because, since in these situations, blue has always signified good and red signifies evil. Or maybe I'm just thinking too much into this and that's not what the writers were gong for...
Yeah I don't think the background colours mean anything.