This is my treatment(short story) for a short film I intend to shoot this summer. I'd also like to add this is not a final script so it does not have all the dialogue and is more just a short description of the story.

Tell me what you guys think about it any feedback would be great.

Idea for 10 min short:
Team Rocket Grunt is peddling rare candies to two undercover Pokemon Rangers, Drake Ketchum, veteran of the Sinnoh-Kanto war and his partner Jane Chambers. They meet the dealer in a warehouse, the grunt has a strange looking almost roided up Alakazam next to him. The Alakazam starts to glow, immediately the Rangers know that it is trying to read their minds, the Grunt isn't stupid he is using the Alakazam to check if they are cops.
Though the Rangers have gone through extensive training to prepare for situations like this, they start thinking of random things, wall, chair, Grunt's gun anything to keep the Alakazam from knowing what their true motive.

The Grunt pulls out a case filled to the brim with rare candies. Drake hands over a duffle bag full of money, trying with all his might not to think about the trace that is in the bag as well. The Alakazam grunts as it picks up on the spike in Drake's brain waves. The Grunt looks at the Alakazam with concern but before it can give him an answer. Drake interupts "You gonna control that mongoloid pokemon of yours?" The Grunt turns away from the Alakazam "It must be all those rare candies its been given, makes them strong but I gotta say a five year old can outsmart this Alakazam, its a shame it used to be a marvelous pokemon when we first stole him." Drake and Jane look at each other with concern. Jane "How did you steal it from its master, any well trained pokemon would rather die than be under someones control." Grunt laughs "Well if there isn't a master to die for then it makes it pretty easy, plus our organization has been working on this." showing a dark and red pokeball. "Though it wasn't easy stealing this one from its trainer." Drake asks "why it that?" Grunt picking up the duffle bag "Have you ever tried killing a Pokemon Champion?" Drake and Jane astonished they said their speechless shaking as they try to contain their thougths. Drake can't take contain them and his memory flashes Master Gary Oak and him fighting side by side in the war then when Gary presented Drake his war medals in a ceremony. The Alakazam picked up on all of that, this time his bark(grunt) is more direct than the first the Grunt knows what it means and reaches for his gun as the Alakazam starts to levitate glowing blue. Drake and Jane draw their guns, Jane shoots the Grunt in his arm before he could grab his gun. Drake tackles Jane out the way as Alakazam sends a psybeam. The Grunt releases another super rare candy enhanced pokemon, Machamp. Drake and Jane are sprawled across the floor Drake releases his Poliwrath, it explodes from its pokeball with a powerful Hydro Pump hitting both of the Grunt's pokemon, giving the Rangers a cushion, Jane releases her Mr. Mime, using the Light Screens provided by Mr. Mime, Jane shoots at the Alakazam as the Mr. Mime trades blow after blow with the Alakazam. As the fight continues the roided pokemon have a clear advantage over the Ranger's pokemon trashing them around. The Grunt tries to escape out the back, Drake follows after him. Drake turns the corner into an alley the Grunt is stumbling through it running into garbage cans an alley junk. Desperate the Grunt throws a pokeball out revealing a pikachu, the pikachu charges for an attack as Drake pulls out his hand cannon (magnum) and blow a hole straight through the head of the pikachu. The Grunt is pleading for his life saying he'll tell Drake anything he wants to know about Team Rocket. Drake pulls out his hand cuff, when everything begins to shake like an earthquake. Boom! Machamp busts through the side of the building send rumble everywhere, the force knocks Drake back. Then the Alakazam teleports beside the Grunt, it brought the case of rare candies with it . The Grunt's demeanor changes sounding cocky now, he tosses the trace to Drake who is trying to remain conscious. Then teleports away.

Drake picks himself up from the rumble and goes to check on Jane. Inside he sees his Poliwrath is badly wounded several broken bones he returns it back into its ball, the Mr. Mime has been impaled into the wall by a psychic thrown metal rod. He spots Jane curled on the floor, her body looks completely broken. Drake rushes to her, she gives Drake a smile knowing she wont make it. Drake gives her a tearful smile back "I'll get them" Drake says, Jane replies "You'll get them all" as her eyes turn lifeless and her body slumps. Drake holds her and gives out a painful scream.

Thanks again guys