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    Default Screweh's Screwtacular Shop of Stuff:D

    Welcome to the shop Familiarise yourself with the rules below

    Firstly! Some rules!
    Please make sure you read it all as it’ll make trades and the likes alot more pleasant

    1- All SPPF rules and Trade forum rules apply here.

    2- I'd prefer posts in the thread to PM's
    I'm more likely to reply to offers/questions posted in the thread to PM's.

    3- Try and be patient. I have a lot of Gaming and Real life commitments, so don't expect an answer immediately.

    4- No Hacks!

    5- I'll accept clones on the condition that you tell me before we confirm a deal.

    6- I only deal with Pokemon Black or White.

    7- Enjoy

    Currently For Trade!

    Black tower Shiny Gible (Want the shiny dratini for this please)
        Spoiler:- DW Females:

        Spoiler:- DW pokes:

    Shiny Hoothoot

    Need to complete Unovadex
    Reshiram (Have Zekrom to offer for this)

    Pm me if your interested
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