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    Well, I was thinking of this Pokemon RP, where we start in a town that's often considered a mystery in a specific region we create. It's often considered a mystery because it's perpetually dusk/witching hour. Meaning a lot of Dark and Ghost Pokemon are available in the area, and to the residents are considered average or common. Whereas in the rest of the world, they're considered incredibly rare or seldom seen.

    Anyways, this place could have something really unique to it? Like a specific element that when pokemon are exposed to it, they're forced to evolve against their own will and often end up incredibly violent. I guess like the Lake of Rage incident?

    But Team Rocket, in the distant future, shows up under the rule of a new enemy who knows the place well, too well. I was also even thinking that we could leave as a group of four and head out into the pokemon world? Or something. Or start off as rivals or something? I'm still working out some of the things that could be used for the RP.

    Starting Pokemon and such as well, who the local professor would be, what types of gyms there would be, and who would lead them.

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    Anyways, I was also thinking of doing a Naruto rp as well. If anyone is interested. If so, PM me, or let me know here. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can with all the rules and story that I can think of.
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