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    Sequel to The Gigas Plot, although given its limited popularity, this will be written so that you don’t need to read the original at all. These first two chapters I post will cover everything that you would have missed from reading The Gigas Plot, so don't bother.

    Disclaimer: I do not pretend to own any of the pokemon in this story, nor do I pretend to own the various other characters that I did not create.

    Chapter 1 in this post
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7


    The pokeball laying in the grass cast a sharp glare off its metallic surface as Carter leaned down to pick it up. He smiled softly; it had taken too long to climb the horrid mountain and many long hours of searching, but he had finally found the pokemon he had been looking for.

    Adjusting his orange fisherman’s cap, Carter looked east toward the setting sun and the waterway leading to the open ocean. He now understood why the psychic and ghost trainers would want this breathtaking view all to themselves. Several times while walking up the jagged, irregular path to the top of Mount Pyre, Carter had been stopped and asked what in the world a water pokemon specialist was doing in such a place.

    “It’s not for me,” he had calmly replied to each. “I’m out to capture a pokemon for my friend.”

    Hoennites and their stereotypes! While it may have been true that Carter preferred just about everything else to climbing a mountain, it was exactly that kind of close-mindedness that he despised about the region.

    After one last glance at the scattering of colors in the twilight sky, the singular pokemon trainer on the mountaintop decided that it would be better to get back to the safety of Mount Pyre’s interior passageways. Carter jogged down the dirt path feeling uneasy with the knowledge that ghost pokemon were about to come out for the night. Fortunately he made it back to the cave he had come from without incident.

    Longing for companionship, Carter grabbed a pokeball from his belt and released a small blue jellyfish pokemon onto the ground. He picked it up and, letting its two tentacles dangle freely near his legs, started the lonely walk back down through the cave.

    The orbs in the Tentacool’s head began to give off a faint red glow that provided Carter with a light to see by as they entered the total darkness and silence of Mount Pyre’s interior. While during the day the stone passageway was used as an intense training ground for ghost and psychic pokemon, at night it was an unwritten rule that the dual function as a graveyard must be respected and to make any kind of noise was unacceptable.

    “Well, Tentacool,” the fisherman whispered, feeling the faint trace of slime rub off onto his jacket, “I finally caught the pokemon. Hopefully she likes it... To think we’re carrying a non-water type with us!”

    The jellyfish pokemon responded with a low-pitched hiss, which Carter interpreted as a noise of approval. They lapsed into silence as another trainer came into view. The girl, wearing the loose costume associated with paranormal enthusiasts, walked by with nothing more than a nod in Carter’s direction. She seemed to be guided by the glow of her smoke-based pokemon, Gastly.

    The sight of the ghost type brought back bitter memories of Carter’s mother, who must have once wandered these same passageways with her array of undead pokemon. Of course she would have catered to such a task in order to fit in better with her pokemon training group. Carter’s found himself glaring off into the darkness in an attempt to dispel his anger as he forced himself to keep walking on the downhill slope that eventually led outside. With another hiss, Tentacool tried to reassure its trainer. The blond boy couldn’t help but smile briefly; he had told Tentacool everything, of course.

    The silent walk continued on until the main interior chamber of Mount Pyre opened up before them all at once. The walkway that Carter was on spiraled around the walls of the room to reach the ground, and he wasted no time in jogging down to the ground level.

    In the middle of the chamber, two orbs sat next to each other that provided light to the entire room. With a short glance at the red and blue spheres, Carter chuckled darkly at how naive the people of Hoenn had been. It wasn’t until the attacks on Rustboro City and Pacifidlog Town that they were willing to admit the activities of Team Aqua and Team Magma were not over.

    Carter knew little of the great clash between Groudon and Kyogre that had occurred a few years earlier but had been intimately involved in preventing the two groups’ recent quest to capture Regigigas and abuse its control over the world’s tectonic plates. All four of the Regi pokemon were safe now, and only he knew their location.

    His friend Elea was right, though, to suspect that the extremist groups were still at large. Their meeting tomorrow in Lilycove City was to go over a new piece of evidence she had found. With the next day in mind, Carter lay down in front of the large stone where the two orbs sat. He recalled Tentacool in preparation to go to sleep. The Mount Pyre guidebook he had purchased explained that ghost pokemon had purposefully avoided the main chamber ever since the red and blue orbs were moved in there, so he had nothing to fear from the night.

    Though normally he was not one for religion, the presence of Groudon and Kyogre’s spirits spurred Carter into a quick prayer before nodding off.

    Dear god, please protect the people of Hoenn from Team Aqua and Team Magma. But if you don’t, I will.


    Ecruteak City’s gym seemed to loom dangerously over all other buildings in the world in the instant that Nia looked up at it. She had obtained every gym leader’s badge in the Johto region except for this one.

    The sidewalk that led past the brick building was cracked with use and had grass growing in between the tiles. It was as if nothing had ever happened here, and that was what Nia had been afraid of the most.

    “What did I expect?” she whispered out loud. “A f*cking memorial or something?”

    Morty was not the most threatening gym leader in the region - Nia was not so naive to think so, but she had avoided this particular spot for a different reason altogether. She sat down with her back against the outside wall of the gym and stared at the ground before her.

    It was as if she was reliving Keith’s death all over again. It haunted her in nightmares, of course, but to actually stand in the spot where she had seen him die was so much more real. Sadness overwhelmed her for a moment, but only a moment.

    Keith would have known better. He wouldn’t have wasted nearly a year mourning for something when he knew his feelings couldn’t change the outcome. Nia pulled herself back to her feet and finally faced the gym to see it in a new light. Keith had given her strength, and she was going to win her eighth badge in his honor.

    She swung open the glass double doors with a confident smirk, only to lose the expression upon being confronted with a strange black haze that enveloped the room. Fully intending for her fire type to try and burn the fog away, Nia reached down to her pokeball belt. She stopped, however, when a voice rang out.

    “It’s her, at long last!” A male voice sounding far away seemed amused. “Will you bring her to me now?”

    A pair of dismembered purple hands suddenly clamped onto Nia’s shoulders. They lifted her up into the air, squeezing hard enough to cut off her circulation, so all the girl could do was utter a faint grunt. A purple pokemon with a spiked body floated out of the darkness to her, appearing to be in control of the hands. It stuck a lazy tongue out inches from Nia’s face as if to taunt her with death.

    In the next instant both trainer and pokemon were shooting forward through the fog to an unknown destination. Nia screamed, fearful that the ghost pokemon would decide to pass through a wall and let her slam into it instead. Just as suddenly as they had started moving, the Haunter came to a halt on the other side of the fog. A large battlefield lay before Nia now, and she marveled at the intricate markings in the concrete floor as Haunter flew in loops to make its way back across to the other side.

    “It would be absurd for me to test your skills using my gym trainers,” the same male voice called out to the brunette, and Nia saw Morty for the first time as he stared her down. “Nia Willow. You think that this gym will be a whitewash victory, don’t you? Tell me, what do you plan to do after defeating me?”

    Nia’s face flushed with embarrassment. She realized it must have been the talk of all the gym leaders that she had skipped Ecruteak City, and now they all knew her story.

    “I’m going to Hoenn to track down Team Aqua and make them pay for taking everything away from me,” she said venomously, as if daring him to suggest something more worthwhile. “And yes, I do think this will be a whitewash victory for me!”

    The man in the sweater laughed sarcastically. “I suppose you won’t mind me using my more... experienced team, then. Haunter, come back here!”

    In its place, Morty tossed another pokeball onto the field, revealing a purple sort of pokemon that seemed to be wearing a triangular hat. The ghost’s bright yellow eyes seemed to stare straight through Nia as though she were some kind of pathetic creature. Though she was unwilling to show fear, Nia felt as if the ghost could simply sense it within her and then relay this information to its trainer.

    “Fear is how he beats you,” she reminded herself, stopping her thoughts before they got out of control. “I choose Kingdra!”

    The massive seahorse was her true powerhouse. After defeating Clair at the Blackthorn Gym, Nia had received along with her badge a coveted dragon scale that would evolve her Seadra into “a monster worth every ounce of training you gave it.” Since then Nia had never lost a battle.

    “Start off with Hydro Pump!” she commanded. Kingdra fired a large jet of water from its tube-like mouth, looking to be a direct hit.

    “Mismagius, shoot a Thunderbolt back when the water hits you!”

    The instant Kingdra’s attack made contact, a stream of electricity flowed back through the water to shock the dragon in its mouth. Kingdra screamed out in pain and immediately quit its Hydro Pump.

    “Now bank to the left and fire a Shadow Ball,” Morty ordered.

    Nia’s pokemon was so delicately balanced on its tail that she knew it would be unable to dodge the incoming attack. “Counter that with Draco Meteor!” she called out instead.

    Countering the hit was definitely an understatement. As Mismagius unleashed an orb of black energy, Kingdra swiveled its head around to face the ghost type and charged up a large orange ball of energy in front of its scorched mouth. With a loud grunt, the seahorse fired its attack to intercept the Shadow Ball. Mismagius’s attack was completely canceled out and the pokemon itself was struck with an explosion that left sparks flying around the room like fireworks.

    A crumpled mess of purple lay twitching on the ground and Nia was under the impression that she had defeated Mismagius. After all, there were very few pokemon that could survive a point-blank Draco Meteor shot.

    “Pain Split!” Morty smiled faintly. Kingdra started screaming in pain for no apparent reason as Mismagius slowly rose up from the floor with a demonic look. “That move puts both pokemon on equal footing in terms of health.”

    “I know how it works!” Nia snapped. At the same time she couldn’t help but wonder if every gym leader had such powerful pokemon that were reserved for stronger trainers. It wasn’t going to be an easy match at all.


    “Can I get your name, sir?”

    A middle-aged, slightly balding man stood at the custom’s desk in Chrono Island and sighed. Ever since Regigigas had destroyed two Hoenn cities, the Kanto government was very reluctant to let outsiders into their territories. Rightly so, he knew, but it still aggravated him.

    “Norman Evans,” he replied. “Petalburg City Gym Leader... formerly.”

    That damn “formerly” was going to haunt him for the rest of his life! The woman at the custom’s desk gave him a nonplussed look as if to doubt his identity. It was slightly ironic in a way. He had spent years pretending not to be Norman Evans and now he couldn’t pull off the truth.

    “Residency number 2135532,” Norman clarified as the woman looked him up on her computer to check for a valid passport.

    Fortunately “Marge” came to the conclusion that a gym leader was of no threat to national security without actually looking his file up and allowed Norman to move on into the actual town of Chrono Island. Many people were gathered on the southern beach to watch the light of the sunset become scattered throughout the rocky maze of the Water Labrynth. It truly was a beautiful sight, he had to admit.

    Someday after the oceans are expanded, Norman mused, everyone will live in smaller communities and be able to see this sunset.

    He thought of Archie, Team Aqua’s original founder, and of the task list he had bestowed on Norman before going off to his death in the battle against Kyogre. The ingenious man had created backup plans to fulfill his ultimate goal of flooding the earth. However, the former gym leader remembered with a pang of frustration, Team Aqua had since been stopped at every single step along the way. Regigigas was missing, it had become physically impossible to ever find Lugia, and even the colony of Lunatone intended to control the tides had been freed.

    But this time it was different. There was one last powerful pokemon that could control the oceans hidden somewhere in the Sevii Islands, and Norman was going to find it and restore power to Team Aqua. This time, nobody knew of his plans. One of his commanders had ruined the Regigigas plot, so nobody could be trusted.

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