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Thread: X's White Market

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    Default X's White Market

    Yes, a parody of N and a parody of a Black Market all in one, it's quite epic.

    FC is in my signature

    Updates will be made constantly, sometimes without mention so check back every now and again.

    This is my first trade shop, so advice, constructive criticism, and compliments are welcome.

    I do NOT keep a huge number of clones of my pokemon in a PC box (dont have the space) so I will clone my pokemon right before a trade.

    I am currently looking for RNG abusers to recruit to my shop. If you'd like to join, feel free to ask.

        Spoiler:- Current RNG Abuser(s):

        Spoiler:- Rules (Yes, there are rules):

    What I have:

        Spoiler:- Events:

        Spoiler:- Shinies:

        Spoiler:- DW Pokemon (female unless noted):

        Spoiler:- Egg Moves:

        Spoiler:- Items:

        Spoiler:- Services:

        Spoiler:- Sketching Rules:

        Spoiler:- Interesting Sketch Moves:

        Spoiler:- SPECIAL POKEMON!!!!! (Bolded moves are past Gen only):

    Now, onto what I'm looking for (anything in bold and/or large font size is a major want):

        Spoiler:- Pokemon (will trade more if any of the non-hatched ones are caught in a Luxury Ball):

    Remember, don't be afraid to make an offer if you don't have anything I'm interested in.

        Spoiler:- Current Offers (If I missed you please let me know):
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