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Images: (Max 3) I need two images, each on the far side of the banner, on either side of the word 'Requiem', basically like the one I currently have, and it would be great if they could be pop-out's. The first image on the left side, I would like a Salamence. I can't seem to find any good pictures so pretty much any image of it roaring or looking vicious. The second image I need, to be placed on the far right side is of a Shiftry, and I found the pic I would like in the link posted below if it's possible.


Background(s): (Optional) Don't really need any sort of background except for the different colors on the banner

Text: "Requiem" ----- Just the one word, and if you can find it I love flowing/curving script. The color should be black

Colours: (PLZ TELL ME COLOURS! I dont get any inspiration if you want me picking, or else itll end up boring!) A blend of black and emerald green close to what's in my current banner. I don't want the black to be too prominent but I definitely want to notice that it's there

Border Colour: (Optional) Black would be fine

Size: (If not told, its 400 x 200) That should probably be fine

Would you like some cookies with that?: (Anything Else?)
You only provided one image. I can't work with it, nya~