VirtualViolets Virtual Trades

Please follow all Serebii Trade Forum Rules.
Looking for something not listed? PM Me! If I have it and can breed it I'm happy to do so!
Please keep in mind when trying to set up a trade that I live in the Eastern time zone.
No Hacks! Or Cheats! Or whatever you want to call them! All of the pokemon I am offering are legit, and have been bred/caught in the traditional & unedited way and I am seeking similar pokemon in return.


Qty ~ Pokemon Type & Level ~ Nature ~ Gender ~ Moves Known

10 x Lvl 1 Solosis / Varied / Varied / Psywave
3 x Lvl 1 Spiritomb / Varied / Varied / Pursuit, Confuse Ray, Spite, Shadow Sneak
4 x Lvl 1 Squirtle / Varied / Varied / Tackle
4 x Tyrogue / Varied / Male / Mach Punch, Vacuum Wave, Brick Break, Bulk Up
6 x Pineco / Varied / Varied / Bug Bite, Take Down, Rapid Spin, Bide
1 x Makuhita / Calm / Male / Tackle, Focus Energy, Brick Break, Bulk Up
2 x Kangaskhan / 1 Lonely, 1 Modest / Female / Comet Punch, Leer
4 x Tepig / Varied / Male / Tackle, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Strength
1 x Feebas / Careful / Female / Splash
1 x Zorua / Naive / Male / Scratch, Leer, Snarl


Charmander: Any Gender, Level, etc.
Bulbasaur: Any Gender, Level, etc.
Mew: Lol I can dream!
Scizor: Any Level, Gender, Etc
Piplup: Any Gender, Level, Etc
Skitty: Any Gender, Level, Etc
Staryu:Any Gender, Level, Etc
Surprise Eggs: Yes, surprise eggs! No Magickarp though please. PM me to discuss further.

Thank you & Happy Trading!